What do Kids Dream about?


I don’t often remember my dreams any more. I’m not sure if it is because I rarely get a chance to get into a proper deep sleep (cheers, kid) or if now I’m older I have too much to think about. My brain starts thinking about the day ahead as soon as I wake up so that any chance of remembering my dreams goes right out the window! When I was younger I used to dream a lot, I remember regaling my mum over breakfast with the often magical goings on in my brain overnight! I’m sure she was absolutely thrilled and captivated by my descriptions, and if she wasn’t she didn’t let on! But do you know what? I sort of like the idea that other peoples dreams are boring to those they are told to, as they’re such personal things that I think it is super sweet that they are most meaningful to the people who create them.

Athena is just coming to the age where she is aware of her dreams, although she doesn’t mention them that often yet and when she does they’ve been around visiting places we have been to recently, or about animals we’ve seen on TV for example. I think at three and a half she’s probably just that little bit too young to behaving magical fantasy dreams, but do you know what, I really can’t wait to hear what she comes up with in the mornings when she’s telling me about her dreams, as she has such an active and vivid imagination when she’s awake!

I am thankful that so far (I’m touching wood as a type!) that she’s never had night terrors or a bad dream, although I do wonder if my one year old suffers from them sometimes as he wakes frequently in the night but some times it can take a long time to calm him down enough to get him to want to go back to sleep, and I can’t work out any other reason for him being so straight when he wakes.

The video above gives a really useful insight from a sleep expert into the goings on in the brains of little people, and has some really cute kids talking about their dreams too, worth a watch if you’ve got infant ages kids! It was put together by Adjustamatic Beds, who¬†make a range of adjustable beds that can be adjusted to perfectly suit the person sleeping in one, they’re not just for the elderly or infirm, but perfect if you’re a ‘sit in bed reading till the small hours’ type too, for example!

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