What Arlo Wore: Three Bears Threads

A super short post today, I wanted to share Arlo’s awesome Stag leggings from Three Bears Threads! Plus commemorate the last photos of him taken with his mop of curly slighly mullety hair! He had it all chopped off yesterday! He suddenly looks really grown up and I am a little sad he’s looking less and less like a baby every day! I’m afraid these are pretty naff photos, the light is awful, and my big camera has been put safely out of the kids way and I can’t remember where. But you know what? He looks super cute and his leggings are adorable, look at his little rolls! These are super stretchy so perfect for my little mountain goat, and there is plenty of material and height at the waist to fit round a cloth bum too, if your little one has one!

Arlo is also wearing his ‘manigan’ as Sam my husband calls any cardigan worn by a male! It was from Boots last year in the January sale and I have been waiting for him to fit into it for weeks and weeks! Just look at his little curls at the back… all gone now, sniffle sniffle! I’m sure I’ll have another outfit to share soon so you’ll be able to see him looking like a proper little boy soon!



These leggings were sent to us for inclusion in a gift guide, but I loved them so much I wanted to pop them into a post of their own! 

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