5 Blog Goals for 2017


I very rarely talk about blogging on my blog. I don’t really write tips posts or ‘how to’ posts, because there are so many other bloggers out there doing it that I really don’t see the point, plus you know, google exists. But I do want to get down on paper (or, the screen) what my blogging goals are for next year so that I have some sort of accountability, even if it’s just to myself!

I asked a bunch of blogging chums what their blog goals were too, and there was a vast array in their responses. I had a lot of responses so couldn’t fit them all in but noticed a few themes, some of which coincided with my own. So here are mine:

  1. Keep on top of my email inbox. It is a constant source of unnecessary stress, I try to reply to everything on the day it comes in but as I don’t have my laptop on during the days the kids are home (so five days out of 7!) I tend to read them on my phone when I see them, reply to anything amazing and then try and do the rest later once the kids are in bed… but it doesn’t always happen! I then end up spending two hours on a Sunday night getting caught up. I also end up missing out on things that are time sensitive, or deleting them accidently on my phone! I also have freelance stuff going on, which gets prioritised when sometimes it isn’t a priority! I am BAD at sending invoices for work I’ve done, and for emailing completed review links to people, so I plan to utilise things like boomerang for gmail (although I use outlook, anyone know if theres anything that will work like that within Outlook?)
  2. Improve my photography. 75% of the time I use auto on my DSLR, 20% of the rest of the photos are taken on my phone, leaving 5% on anything other than auto! I know my photography can be improved, I need to spend some time experimenting and watching youtube tutorials I think!
  3. Write more of my own posts, aka ones that aren’t reviews or sponsored posts. I try SO hard to inject personal touches and family life into my reviews and I think I’m fairly successful… otherwise you might as well just be reading a magazine advert, but I am prioritising these posts over more personal posts about our life, and that needs to change!
  4. I plan to spend more time marketing my blog. I tend to write a post and then publish it and forget about it. I need to think about tweeting about it afterwards, sharing it on facebook and tagging the brand and pinning images. I’ve got a Bloggers Diary to try and get on top of things, as I find written notes and to do lists a lot easier to work with than something online. I’m going to start scheduling tweets and Fb updates when I actually write the post, and then at the end of the month I’m going to find out which of my posts during the month had the top hits/interaction and share the top 2 or three again.
  5. Blog Design: I’m fairly happy with my design as it is at the moment but there are a few tweaks I need to find the time to make! That or start from scratch completely!

I’m going to be taking blogging at a bit of a slower speed until the new year, I want to try and get a few jobs done round the house that I’ve been putting off, I also want to try and get a head start on meal planning and healthy eating, and also catch up on some sleep in an effort to boost my immune system! Winter is for hibernating, right?


So here are a few blogging goals from other bloggers:

I’d like to have a consistent schedule so my readers know when I will post as I’m all over the shop. I also want to write more “real” posts from the heart and what I want to say, not write what I think people would want to read. Strip it back and make my blog about me again.  Beth @ Twinderelmo.co.uk

My goal is to take my blog more seriously, Learn how to say no and charge my worth. Angelathelifeofspicers.com

Two bloggers who are using their blog for a fantastic cause:

To write more! I have a new blog and need to organise my time better to dedicate more to the blog. I’d love to reach as many women as possible with regards to the choices they have regarding caesarean birth, and birth in general, and to share their experiences. I’d also like to get a good Facebook community on my page as well . Totally achievable right? Vivienne @ www.themothersroom.co.uk

My main goal is to continue to raise awareness of recurrent miscarriages and spread messages of hope. I’ve had so many emails from women telling me my blog has inspired them to continue on their journeys of trying to become a Mum Jo @  www.miraclemax.co.uk

Two bloggers with specific targets: (something I have avoided in case I fail!)

I want to triple my page views in the next year & boost my income by 30% too! Big goals but hard work should get me there!    Katy http://katykicker.com

For blog goals my main is to get a new design for my blog and improve my photography. I want to get something distinctive for the blog design. I’d also like to increase reader numbers!   Sanna @ www.wavetomummy.com


As an ex wedding photographer I’d like to do more photography related posts such as a beginners guide and a photography linky perhaps. I’d also like to be a little more organised and learn how to say no a little bit more rather than trying to please everyone; that would make my life far less stressful!  Steph @ hellobabyblog.co.uk


Thanks to all the bloggers who shared their goals, and to Toad diaries for sending me a blog planner to get a head start on my own goals!


10 thoughts on “5 Blog Goals for 2017

  1. Oh I’m with you on so many of your goals. Self-promotion is such a tricky one, isn’t it? I’ve started using my camera on manual only during the last week and while it’s still a work in progress, I can see the benefits already. I never knew how to take nice pics in dark spaces. Now it works, yay 🙂

  2. They are some great blogging goals, good luck with them. I also need to get a hold of my email inbox, as like you I read them on my phone when at work & then get distracted when I get home & forget to deal with them oops! #TheListLinky

  3. I haven’t even started to think about 2017 as yet if I am honest, that will be in December some time. You sound as if you will be busy and I’d also love to clear my inbox each day. Mich x #Thelist

  4. Thanks for including me 🙂 I’m with you on increasing the personal posts – I want to do that too! I go pretty easy on commercial posts but lack of time has meant personal posts have dwindled recently. . And it is a shame.

  5. You’ve set some brilliant goals lovely and I’m the same as you with 1 and 2 particularly. My Inbox is usually pretty good but in the last couple of weeks I’ve let it get out of hand! I’ve also bought a new camera to help with my photography but need to actually USE it now ha ha!! x #TheList

  6. These are some great goals. It seems like there is still so much time until 2017! (there isn’t, who am I kidding). My one and only goal at the moment is to slowly grow my blog. It is so easy to get distracted with looking at seasoned bloggers and get disheartened. Long way ahead of me. Good luck with your goals!

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