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Apart from being able to work in my PJs with my hair in a mum-bun and a makeup free face, the other wonderful thing about working from home is that I am in charge of health and safety! I can balance my tea precariously on the arm of the sofa if I wish with nobody to tell me off, and if I trip over my laptop power cord I have only myself to blame, with no risk assessment in sight! However when I work my one day at the hotel as a duty manger I have to put a more responsible hat on, and make sure everything is hunky dory health and safety wise. In my previous role as a hotel manager I was liable personally for all sorts of things health/safety and security wise, from accidents to food positioning incidents! I am pleased to say that I was pretty good at that side of things and thankfully nothing too dangerous happened under my watch! Because of this background it means that I do notice things when we’re out and about that could cause harm to some unsuspecting person, be that an employee or a member of the public!


According to a recent survey that Hayward Baker commissioned 69% of British workers (so around 21 million) think there are hazards in their workplace, and two out of ten surveyed had had to take a trip to the hospital for a work related illness or injury. Thinking about it I actually had to do the same many moons ago, I was working in the kitchen and cut my finger alongside the nail on the sharp teeth of the clingfilm dispenser box. It was fine for a couple of days and then it got really infected and my poor finger swelled up so much I thought it was going to explode! I won’t go into gory details but the A&E doctor used a scalpel to sort it out… ick! However he said it probably got infected because I washed my hands so much and the good bacteria that should have killed it was being washed away with all the anti bac soap! ย Thankfully it wasn’t too serious, but it took a while for my finger nail to grow back! Obviously that was just bad luck, but if it had have been more serious I wouldn’t have hesitated to make a complaint to my manager. 21% of the workers surveyed said their managers weren’t interested in sorting out issues in the workplace, which from a managers point of view is not only disappointing but also pretty stupid as they could be liable for a personal fine! There’s an interactive injury compensation calculator availableย if you’ve had an accident at work that you think could have been dealt with better.


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