Scrapbook Loves – May

Little Loves are one of my favourite types posts to write, because I get to recap what I’ve been up to and hopefully gives readers a bit of an insight into me! I used to pop them into my ‘Sunday Scrapbook’ posts every so often, but will be doing them monthly from now on,  so hopefully they’ll be a bit more meaty!


This month I’ve read the following 5 books

We were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter was immense, definitely the favourite book so far this year, plus it’s free on Kindle Unlimited too, if you use that!

I’m now read 19 of my target of 50 for the year


Okay so here’s a rundown of what I watched and what I thought of things over the past few weeks:

SMILF – sky/Now TV – standing for ‘Single’ MILF (you know what that means right?) I actually really enjoyed this. Its a comedic look at the challenges of single, young motherhood written by and starring Frankie Shaw. Hoping for a second season.

Friday Night Dinner – Netflix/C4 – an old favourite, but I discovered the first few seasons on Netflix so binged them as there a few I’d not watched, and now the new season is on C4 on friday nights, funnily enough! Hilarious family comedy.

The Let Down – Netflix – unpopular opinion but DID NOT LIKE! It makes motherhood out to be awful, pretty much. I did like Celeste Barber being in it (of instagram fame) but I’m not a huge fan of mummy-martyrs anyway so knew it wasn’t going to something I loved before I started watching!

Safe – Netflix – This has Michael C Hall (aka Dexter) in it, and I think he directs it too. He has a VERY clipped and proper British accent which meant I just couldn’t take him seriously as I kept imagining him as Dexter but doing a fake British accent! The story (a mystery/thriller) is awesome, it’s by Harlan C Coben who is an author I love anyway, but I am pleased to say I managed to guess ‘who dunnit’ before the last episode, mwahahah!


A lot of whinging from Arlo, who can’t just say he’d like something but instead says he ‘reeeeeeellly reallly rillllllyyyyy needs…’ including for you to pick things up that are 2 feet away from him, and biscuits when he’s just had breakfast.

Podcasts: All Killa, No Filla – a crime/comedy podcast – with more than a little ‘filler’ but that’s fine as it’s hilarious!

A TED talk by Helen Zaltzman all about the evolution of the written word

Mortified Podcast – people reading their old diaries and journals and reliving their (often mortifying) teenage years in front of an audience

The Casefile True Crime Podcast – no comedy in this one just pure facts but a lot of them!


Some nice and healthy dinners! I am sticking to the Weight Watchers plan 99% of the time and am actually enjoying planning meals with lots of veggies and flavouring in. My spice cupboard has grown!


I’m on a no-buying clothes mission until I’ve lost a bit more weight, so nothing new to report there! I’ve been in mostly flip flops these past couple of weeks though, so hurrah for sun and warmth!

I’ve also been wearing my Regent bluetooth headphones from Sudio when out and about but also at home! The kids are both chatterboxes at the best of times, but add to that their tablets, or their TV or noisy toys and games I quite often need to hide away from their noise but still be in the same room for supervisory purposes! The Regent headphones are IDEAL for this, the sound quality is awesome, and although they’re not advertised as noise cancelling they do a pretty good job with it! One full charge gives you 24 hours of listening, and the fact that they can be used with or without wires means I can stroll around the house (ie go from running a bath for the kids, to getting dinner out of the oven) without having to stay plugged in! Plus you can change the designs, mine came with marbled caps with I love!

And Lastly…

My new sofas finally arrived, and I LOVE them!



Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

12 thoughts on “Scrapbook Loves – May

  1. Oooo love the idea of this post! Will have to join in 🙂
    I’ve heard such mixed opinions on The Let Down! I think I might continue to avoid it a little longer! The headphones are so pretty, as is your new sofa! x

  2. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Let Down, and Safe is definitely on my “to watch” list.
    The sofa looks great, looks lovely in pink – I suspect I have the same style but mine’s teal. X

  3. Oh I haven’t read any of these might have to pop one in the amazon cart pronto. They all sound like page turners. That’s amazing 5 in one month. I was doing one a week but had a baby got sidetracked hahaha Hope you have a wonderful half term love the headphones too. #littleloves

  4. I know what you mean about The Let Down, I enjoyed it as something to watch, but I wouldn’t rave about it. I’m way beyond that stage of parenthood now though so it’s not really relevant to me these days so it could be to do with that.
    Loving your new sofa!
    Enjoy the long weekend ahead x

  5. Love your sofa (and that wallpaper). Totally jealous that you’ve read five books in a month! I tried to watch Safe, but couldn’t get into it – although I’ve heard great things xx

  6. I love the sofa too ☺️ It looks very comfy and i love the colour! I know about Dexter, right?! I also kept seeing Dexter as the creep who lives a double life and not this widower looking for his daughter. I agree the accent didn’t make him look credible! Have a lovely June! x

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