Little Loves April 19

I’m a few days late with my monthly post, not sure what happened apart from life getting in the way! But here’s what I read, watched, did etc in April.


I read five books this month, my favourite was An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. A story of love, incarceration, betrayal and so much more – it’s incredibly well written and often in letter form between characters. It also covers the topic of race and what it’s like to be Black in the states. I also read three ‘chick lit’ style books this month (the middle three above) because I felt like I needed some ‘chill out’ reading as last month was full of literary heavy hitters! I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t really recommend any of them that highly but ‘Blogger Girl’ is the first in a series so I might return to it when I need something light hearted and easy to read! My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite was great too, and relatively short.


Line of Duty, Game of Thrones and The Good Fight are more or less the only things I am watching regularly at the moment – they’re all on weekly episodes. I’m not really watching anything else right now other than New Amsterdam (a hospital drama) but that’s something I’m watching with Sam so it’s a bit sporadic!

I’m sure I’ve watched a few films in the past month but nothing is springing to mind really, I’ve been quite busy with work so telly has taken a back seat – no bad thing! I do sometimes flick through Netflix, Now TV and Prime to try and find something but then get overwhelmed with the choice and just stick the radio on!


I’m still listening to a lot of true-crime podcasts, the two I listen to a lot are ‘They walk among us’ and ‘Casefiles’ but this month I’ve started ‘Over My Dead Body’ which is a series focussing on a specific crime (this one a husband v wife and one gets murdered) which is good!
Music wise I’m normally just sticking radio1 or 6music on Alexa!


Nothing myself but I did have a lot of fun with the kids making some Easter crafts with their [gifted] Toucan Boxes. These letterbox-friendly boxes contain craft ideas with more or less everything you need to create some themed crafts, some stickers and a magazine. My kids were sent personalised boxes which were age appropriate and it kept them nice and busy over the Easter Holidays, and after in fact!

Toucan Box kids Craft

Toucan Box kids Craft


The kids absolutely loved getting sticky and a little messy but it was also great to be given what they needed for each project, with instructions on how to make each project. Arlo loved making his Easter chick bunting and Athena is very proud of her Easter bunny with a pom-pom tail! These kits are such a great idea for organised fun (which when it comes to crafts is the best type of fun if you ask me – it saves time and materials – and frustrating on everyone’s behalf) They’re designed to meet STEAM educational needs whilst still being fun, for kids aged 3 to 8.

We were sent these boxes to review but I will definitely be ordering more for the school holidays and they also make perfect gifts – especially for kids you don’t see in person to give a present to as you can post a personalised box out to them! Find out more about Toucan Boxes and here on their website.


Noting new to report apart from the fact that I’ve been in Birkenstocks on and off for a couple of weeks – my feet have freedom again and they’re very happy about it… I need a pedicure though!

And Lastly…

national stationery week national stationery week

Last week was ‘National Stationery Week’ and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I’ve been overhauling my organisation between notebook, diaries and paper-monthly-planners. I’ve always been a fan of getting things down on paper, for brain storming and planning anyway and especially for monthly content and strategy planning in work. I use different coloured pens for different things, LOVE an erasable pen and highlighters are great for highlighting any actions in amongst my written notes. Stabilo sent me a few pens in the post this past week which couldn’t have come at a better time.The one I love the most is the Stabilo Be You rollerball – partly because it takes ink cartridges and it takes me right back to my school years and partly because there’s something really satisfying about clicking the lid onto a pen when you’ve finished work! It doesn’t skip or bleed on the page either.


That’s it from me for another month, I’m already reading a book I’m excited to finish and share and am hoping to be wearing something a little bit more fun now the weather is (maybe?!) getting nicer!



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