Athena was completely nonplussed about our day trip to London a couple of weeks ago. I on the other hand was over the moon to go and finally meet with Catherine and Zoe, who I have been talking to online (about anything and everything) for ages now! The only downside was that our other chum Mary couldn’t make it (due to living in America and having a brand new little one, shucks!) One day Mary!!

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I took the train up, after getting myself in a panic it would be a terrible journey it really wasn’t, I didn’t get a proper seat to sit on but there was a bum sized ‘perch’ next to where I parked the pram so I got to sit down at least! Athena slept most of the way there which was nice as I got to read some of my book.

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I was born in London and loved there for the first few years of my life, and as soon as I was 13 my mum allowed me to go up on the train with friends to explore (the times have probably changed now!) but I honestly can’t remember the last time I went and had a touristy day, so it was really nice to just stroll, gawp at the Queens house and ask people to take our pictures! Athena was a dream, she slept all round Hyde Park, had a feed when we had lunch then slept until we got on the train for home!

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We met near Victoria (in a Starbucks, and nobody instragrammed their drink, yes it IS possible to go there and not take a picture!) then strolled up to Hyde Park. We wandered round in a vaguely circular route, taking snaps of things that looked traditionally British for Mary, and squealing at squirrels (this was mainly Catherine!) We stopped for a little bit on a bench next to the Serpentine where we teased ducks and almost got covered by a wet dog shaking himself, being walked by a very sloaney looking lady who had clearly ignored the ‘no dogs in the water’ sign!

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After a lovely al fresco lunch we carried on walking towards Green Park, via Buckingham Palace for more pictures for Mary, who is something of a lover of all things British! We chatted about so many things and even though we’d never met before in person it didn’t even cross my mind that it would be strange to meet two ‘internet people’ (as my husband calls twitter/blog friends) or difficult to keep conversation going, definitely no problem there! Hurrah for internet friends!

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  1. Yay for internet friends! It looks like you girls had a lovely day. How thoughtful of Athena to sleep so much 🙂

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