Project anti slummy-mummy: Accessorising

As I wrote before, I am attempting to do my best to retain some sense of style now I’m a mother. As I’m unable to wear exactly what I want to due to still being bigger than I’ve decided to accessorise more. I’m a huge scarf fan, woolly ones, fabric ones, square ones or long ones… They can add colour to a plain outfit and cover up patches left on your top by a baby with sticky hands, or when feeding in public if needed.  I generally buy a few new ones from H&M every year as they have such a huge selection (way more in store than on the website though).  Gloves are a big must, but ones that can be fingerless if necessary for fiddling with pram straps/clips. As well as the functional essentials I wanted some ‘pretty’ accessories too so I added in a necklace and watch. It’s nice to wear jewellery again as I stopped for a little while when Athena arrived – in case it snagged on her. 

autumn accessories
Bobble hat – Topshop / scarf – H&M / watch – Watch Warehouse /
Necklace –  Dorothy Perkins / mittens – Fat Face
Have you stocked up on your autumn accessories yet? I now need to find a way to stop my hair from getting all knotted up when I wear a scarf… every autumn I forget how annoying it is!

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