McDonald’s #HelloGoodtimes Family Days

macdonalds family activity day
On Saturday the kids and I headed up to Queens Park in Brighton the day for the McDonald’s Activity Day. These are being held by McDonald’s at locations all over the country along with some other fun family friendly activities, like appearances from Ronald McDonald himself and even Tinie Tempah putting on a gig inside a McDonald’s! You can find out more about the activity days on their website or by following the #HelloGoodTimes hashtag on social media.


macdonalds family activity day

In Queens Park there was an inflatable football goal with the challenge to kick the ball and hit a goal post to win an inflatable ball. Athena didn’t understand at first and scored three goals square in the middle of the goal post as that’s what she’s always been told to do, but she got there in the end and was super happy with her new beach ball!

Arlo is of course too small to really understand the rules of the game but playing with a ball is one of his favourite pastimes so he was in his element throwing and kicking and was certainly a hit with the ‘#HelloGoodTimes team! A little after we arrived an inflatable human football pitch arrived and once that was blown up lots of the older kids clamoured to get in and start having a game, which was pretty amusing to watch! There was also a competition happening to win tickets to a football game by tweeting a photo, here’s Athenas attempt…


Sadly at this even there was no McFlurry van to dish out tasty treats but I have seen them at others via twitter so hopefully there will be one at future events!

McDonald’s sponsored us to attend this event but all words and opinions are my own.



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