Recipe: Cottage Cheese Protein Bowl

CottageCheeseProtein Bowl

It’s Friday at last! The weekend has almost landed so something easy to prepare but full of energy was what I was after when coming up with a breakfast idea today. It honestly couldn’t get more simple than this either! I have always loved cottage cheese but it is usually relegated to being shoved into a jacket potato. It’s a really popular food for gym goers to help build muscle, and you can even make pancakes out of it! So a nice easy protein bowl recipe for Arla’s Choose Goodness challenge!

Cottage Cheese Protein Bowl

Ingredients: (makes one serving)
4 tablespoons Arla Protein Cottage Cheese
Red & Green apples – half of each cut into slices
8 grapes sliced in half
1 tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter

Method: Pop in a bowl, make it look pretty if you plan to Instagram in but otherwise just tuck in!
Tips: If you’ve got young kids then please make sure you slice your grapes in half lengthwise otherwise they’re a choking hazard! Whenever I have this for breakfast I scoff the rest of the apples as a mid morning snack. You can also add a dollop of jam with your peanut butter too, trust me it’s delicious!

protein bowl2

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One thought on “Recipe: Cottage Cheese Protein Bowl

  1. I love cottage cheese! Never thought to have it on anything other than a jacket potato! I also love peanut butter so that’s always a winner!

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