Me & Mine – April 2016

me and mine

We’ve managed to spend a fair bit of time together this month, between work shifts and other commitments I was quite impressed when I thought back over the month! We also had Sams sister staying with for along weekend, so she took these photos for us, finally an outdoor photo, one of many this year I hope!

This month was our first full month in the new house, and it’s feeling like home more and more. Athena and Arlo seem to love it here, and Athena especially loves to take people on tours when they visit for the first time!

In terms of what we did this month I managed to get out for two meals with friends, to Yo! Sushi with Katie and to Wahaca with Skye which was amazing. Arlo is a lot happier to be away from me for short periods of time these days which makes it easier for Sam to look after him and Athena together. I’m also loving working now I’ve got used to it, it’s just one day a week but I am picking up an extra shift next week too. Work is on the seafront so when Sam brings the kids to me after work (so he can do his shift!) we go over and sit on the pebbles and play for an hour or so before heading home!

Sam has decided he needs a new longboard as his is a bit battered, and we’re trying to decide what to get Athena for her birthday now she can peddle a trike (which I found out by accident at playgroup the other day!) We’re not sure if we should get her one (then we can ‘recycle’ it for Arlo down the line) or just go straight to a bike with stabilisers. I’ve just booked a hall for her (joint) birthday party, we’ve gone with a Frozen theme… hideous for me but she’ll love it!

I’ve been feeling really drained and touched out this last month, Arlo has been pretty full on and the wet weather has meant we’ve not spent as much time out and about as I’d like. Fingers crossed for next month!  I have however stopped taking on as much as I was, and spend nap times now either napping myself or watching TV so I don’t have to use my brain and can refresh it a bit!

me and mine

 So that was our April, how was yours?
dear beautiful

5 thoughts on “Me & Mine – April 2016

  1. Lovely photos of you all – especially with the seafront as your backdrop. I’m glad you are starting to feel more at home in your house. It can take a while but it’s fun making it your own. I imagine Athena is a great tour guide!

  2. Oh what gorgeous photos – after all that wet you really found some lovely light for your first outdoor photos of the year – may it be the start of many more to come!

  3. I miss your seaside. Still remember the first time I came to visit. Will come all the way to the beach again over the summer- promise! x

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