Baby loves: Matchstick Monkey

matchstick monkey

Arlo is due to get his next lot of teeth any time soon. He’s actually really suffering teeth-wise anyway as he has got ridiculously weak teeth and in the last couple of months not only has his enamel come away from 7 out of his eight teeth but he’s also chipped the top two at the front. We’re awaiting a referral to see a dental specialist to find out what we can do to help him, if anything. I think the oral medication he had to have for his many bouts of oral thrush had a lot to do with it as we had to put that in house mouth 4 times a day and it’s a really thick gloopy sugary solution. Because of his teeth obviously causing him pain toothbrushing for us a battle but one that sadly must be fought. To try and make the experience a bit more fun for Arlo we’ve been using a Matchstick Monkey, which is multifunctional: A teether, a teething gel applicator and a gentle toothbrush. Made from baby-safe rubber this little dude has looped arms so that you can attach it to something to stop it from getting flung and lost!


Available in a variety of colours matchstick monkey is a happy looking thing, and he can be sat on a shelf/the sink/a table too which is a great trick for keeping little people occupied too especially when out at restaurants (I am always looking for ways to keep my two happy to sit at a table when we’re out!)

Katie designed the Matchstick Monkey as a helpful tool to get teething gel or granules to where it is needed, as you’ll know its a pretty messy and unfulfilling task to try and get it to stay in the right place on a wriggling teething baby! If you apply the gel to the bristles on the back of monkeys head then give it to the baby they tend to do it for you, gel gets applied to where it’s needed and they chomp down on the monkey rather than your finger!

There is a kickstarter campaign to get funding for Katie to take Matchstick Monkey to the next level and compete with the likes of ‘that giraffe’ and you can purchase them through that link to help support the project!  I think quite possibly they’ll give old Sophie the Giraffe a run for her money in the not too distant future!


You can keep up to date by following @MTSK_monkey on twitter too! Thanks to Matchstick monkey for sending us our own monkey for the purpose of this review.

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