February has been a funny one for us all, it seems to have dragged too. For some reason the lack of sleep I’m getting has really started to affect my day to day life. I find myself making wrong turns in the car when I know exactly where I should be going, snapping more and forgetting what i’m saying half way through sentences. I was ill for a couple of days at the start of the month, and then obviously passed it on to Arlo was vomiting on and off for a week. Athena thankfully remained unscathed, as did Sam.

I also started back at my day job/out of the house job after ten months of maternity leave, which I actually really enjoyed (I wrote a bit more about it here) and Sam enjoyed spending a whole day with the kids so much that he did it again yesterday so that I could head out for the day baby free and see a friend, wearing something from that rarely opened drawer of clothes that I can’t breastfeed in.

Athena has been mostly absolutely lovely but a few tantrums have started to creep in, generally they’re quite easily dealt with but on days when I am really tired I know I don’t have as much patience as I should. Parenting is a journey though and I’m trying to learn different ways of coping! She also got knocked over in the street by a lady and her gigantic hand bag and fell right onto her face (learnt a valuable lesson about having her hands in her pockets there!) so has a fat lip and a few grazes and damaged her upper lip tie a little. From the amount of blood she leaked I thought it had completely split but now it’s not so sore she’s let me look at it and its still intact.


Our photo this week is just a quick snap from yesterday morning, I really need to learn how to take in-focus pictures using the timer! familyfeb

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8 thoughts on “Me & Mine February

  1. Poor Athena! I hope she’s feeling better – totally with you on the tantrums though. The lack of sleep definitely makes them worse. Lovey photo, you did well getting you all looking at the camera! Xx

  2. Oh poor girl – I’m glad her lip was ok. And I’m so glad your return to work went well – it can feel very strange at first after months of being at home with the little ones!

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