Working 9-5 – or not

When people ask what I ‘do’ all day with the kids I always want to answer sarcastically ‘sit on my bum eating biscuits, watching Cbeebies and building towers for Arlo to knock over’ but actually it is all of that plus two freelance jobs (social media management for small businesses and managing my own blog) plus I’m also back at my previous job one or two days a week as of Thursday just gone! So what DO I do all day…

Manage three facebook pages, field emails, update 3 twitter accounts and if I get a chance, write a blog post draft or two on my phone. I don’t turn the laptop on when both kids are awake, and in fact I did everything from my phone for three months when I was without a laptop! The fact that I can still earn money whilst spending the whole day with my two small people is something that I don’t take for granted at all, as I know that even a few years ago it wouldn’t have been possible for a mum in my position to do it.

Dell have recently carried out a survey of how employees use their mobiles or tablets on a daily basis, you can read more on their website but in summary it really goes to show how much we rely on our mobile devices at work. Before I had Athena I was the manager of one of Brighton’s biggest hotels, and for some bizarre reason we weren’t allowed to get work emails on personal devices at the time which was a nightmare if you were working away from home or on a day off (which obviously happened on mon-fri seeing as hotels are open 24/7) and i’d often come in to hundreds of emails after a couple of days off and waste time filtering through them to get to the ones I actually needed, something that I could’ve done beforehand! It’s a fine line though as you do need to be careful you end up working in your own time I suppose!



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