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How many photos have you taken in the last 6 months? I’m going to hazard a guess and say that any new parent has probably taken about 50% more than a non parent, and if you have a camera phone as well as regular camera then that’dd be somewhere in the thousands! I fit into the ‘can’t stop taking photos of my baby’ category. I also treated myself to a new DSLR camera before Christmas so have the photos taken from that to add to the ones that I take on my phone. Okay, so you’ve taken all the photos. You might even have been as organised as I am and stored them by month in folders on your computer, and then sub folders with special events in those. But have you bothered to print any? 
When I was asked if I was interested in reviewing a photo book from Huggler I didn’t even think twice. Although I put a few photos in the Christmas cards for grandparents we didn’t really have any printed ourselves, so I choose photos from the first 7 months of Athena’s life to fill our photo book, including the ones I took on her month ‘birthday’ each month. I chose a personalised hard cover, but there is a big range to choose from, and you can either upload photos from your own collections or import from Facebook. You can also choose a theme to your book, like Christmas, 30th birthday, pastels, etc. Each theme has a range of page designs that you can choose to use if you wanted to label your photos, like I have done with the ones for each month. You can have different photo layouts per page too, which is a great idea to fit more into the book!
I chose a plain white cover with Athena’s name on, and when it arrived I was impressed with the quality. The inside front and back leaves are left plain, so you could write a personalised message if you were making one for someone else. I was given a similar thing with some hen party pictures in, but it was much smaller and softback, so this will last a lot longer and won’t get dog eared (when the baby chews it!) Annoyingly there is a very small Huggler logo on the reverse of the book, but you get to choose a photo to go there too so it isn’t actually that obvious.They do a range of other items, like notebooks with photos on the cover which I think is a lovely idea for gift giving! Plus there is 50% off the whole range on their website for January! Go go go!
I was given a voucher to use on the Huggler website. All opinions and words are my own.

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  1. The problem with digital photography is that photos often get left on cameras and forgotten about so photobooks are such a good way to get a hard copy of them. I’ve never heard of Huggler, I’ve always got my photobooks from photobox but I’m off to have a look on their website now 🙂

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