A Nautical Bedroom makeover

We moved into our flat in July, That’s 6 months ago. Until last weekend our bedroom looked like pretty abysmal; no curtains, a bit of a mess and no decoration either. The Range very kindly offered to let me choose some items from their huge online selection to give the room a New Year bedroom makeover.
Pretty unimpressive, very untidy and really bare!
After umming and ahhing for hours we decided on a nautical theme. Partly because we live next to the sea & partly because there is a whole section on the website and it took the pain out of choosing separate items as I have become the most indecisive person it seems! Internet shopping at its easiest, delivered to your door 2 days later!
The finished article, SO much better!
Firstly I chose two lamps with nautical shades, and a ceiling light shade too. The bedside lamps don’t match but I prefer that, it looks more ‘us’ (not that I’m calling us mis-matched… more hap hazard!) and the new lampshade isn’t as big as the old one so my giant of a husband doesn’t clonk his head on it when he walks under it! Mine has light blue stripes to match the ceiling shade, and Sam’s has a more intricate base, with anchors on the shade. His is taller too so looks better in the corner of the room where is bedside table is.
Choosing bedding from their lovely and huge selection was the most time consuming, I almost went for a stag print one, then one with trees on, but finally settled on one that matched my theme!  The duvet cover has a lovely quilted striped section at the top and this is reflected on the pillows too and matches the curtains. The underneath part of the duvet cover is cotton so it’s nice and cool too. I am slightly ashamed to say that I turn 30 this week and this is the first time I have had matching soft furnishings!  We only had a blind up with a bare curtain pole before and it is so amazing what a difference hanging up a pair of curtains does to the room! I admit it’d look even better if I ironed them first but that’ll probably take me another 6 months if I’m honest, plus I was too excited to get them up, and sadly, drawing them before I get into bed is enjoyable!

To add the nautical themed touches I chose a set of wicker baskets and some bunting. The baskets sit on the windowsill yet to be filled apart from a box of tissues but I’m sure I’ll find something to store in them soon! The bunting I attached to the wall above the bed, then remembered that I had a blue bird print scarf so I popped that up too. Sam thinks it’s going to fall on us in the night so it might be taken down before too long! I also finally put my favourite picture from our engagement shoot up, plus a few polaroids next to my newly tidied bedside table. I also persuaded Sam to take his GTA posters off the wall (opposite the bed is a telly with a PlayStation attached, I would complain but it means I can watch Netflix in bed so I don’t!)
I absolutely LOVE my bedroom makeover, it’s so much more homely and put together than before, when it kind of gave off a student-house vibe if we’re honest! (sorry any students reading, i’m sure your bedrooms are lovely!)
What do you think? Much improved, right?
Thank you to The Range who kindly supplied me with the goodies for my Bedroom Makeover.

20 thoughts on “A Nautical Bedroom makeover

  1. Great make over, and thanks to you I’ve just spent an age on The Range’s website. For some reason I didn’t take in the fact that they do bedding there; I’ve been debating getting some new sets recently and now I know where to look!

    – Tabitha x

  2. Oh it looks lovely! Really nice too that you can make your room a nice space to be in- I’m sure it was last on your list with a new house and a new babe!

    Chambray & Curls

  3. woweee this looks beautiful! can’t beat a nautical theme on anything!
    maybe you have a hidden talent as interior designer?

  4. It looks lovely! I turned 30 in sept just gone and I’m still yet to have a matching room. I am tempted by yours though x

  5. Great makeover! Love the bunting. I don’t have things match in my home and I prefer it that way. It all goes together in a weird way 🙂 x

  6. Wow, the transformation is amazing and I love the nautical aspect. I always think of using The Range for craft equipment but not homeware, should pop out there more often.

    Nipping over from blogsRus comment share thread.

  7. You’ve really inspired me. Amazing what you can do. Now I’m back to work after being a SAHM for 8 years I’m looking forward to having the money to do up our house. And I’m starting with our bedroom.

    (Found this on the BlogsRUs comment thread)

  8. Love this makeover! Nautical is gorgeous…always…and the bunting makes it lovely and feminine! (as a bedroom should be) x

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