Me & Mine – July 2017

Our family photos were taken right back at the start of the month at Legoland, at the end of a long day but we’re mostly still smiling so that’s a bonus! We’ve managed to keep the outdoors theme running for seven months now!┬áThis month we’ve not seen much of Sam really as he’s been working pretty much all ‘late’ shifts at work, leaving home just after lunch and getting back around midnight or later. So on the days when Athena was at school and Arlo at the childminders they were pretty much like ships in the night!

Me and Mine July 17-1
Sam this month has been enjoying:
  • Recording his new podcast with his podcasty friends (it’s not been ‘released’ yet I don’t think
  • Playing his new ps4 game – WatchDogs
  • Going out on his longboard a bit – even if it was because our car died!
  • The return of Game of Thrones (I am enjoying that too actually)

I have been enjoying:

  • Seeing friends and their kids a bit more now everyone’s broken up from preschool and we have a bit more spare time
  • Lazy afternoons at the beach or splash pad
  • A trip to Mayfield Lavender with my friend Skye & the kids
  • A beautiful afternoon tea for Sophies Hen do
  • Making a start on clearing out all the too small kids clothes from the attic to ebay, charity shops and friends.


Me and Mine July 17

Athena is feeling good about:

  • Finishing pre school! She loved it there but can’t wait to start big school
  • Trying on her uniform, book bag and pe kit!
  • Having day-long playdates at friends houses
  • Staying with Digby (that’s Granny to the rest of us!)

Arlo is loving:

  • His ever growing collection of toy cars, and the new addition of a road-map rug to play with them on!
  • Wearing Sandals, or hats, or both.
  • Getting to grips with his balance bike, compared to his scooter speeds it’s slow going though!
  • ‘Playing’ the piano at Digby’s house
The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely month, apart from not seeing much of Sam – it must be hard with him working late shifts all the time. I think Toby is looking forward to starting school but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about trying his uniform on! #MeAndMineProject

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