Me & Mine – June 2017

June was a lovely month, warm, mostly sunny and I had two little breaks too! One with family (we went camping to Rye) and then I had a lovely break with some wonderful blogging ladies to Riverside Cottage in Hampshire, but that was on my own, two blissful child free days!

Our photos were taken on our camping trip in the middle of the month, and although these photos are by no means perfect I really love them because they just show us we were- barefoot, happy and squinting in the sun!

me and mine scrapbook blog

This month I have been reading so much more, hiding from the realities of everyday life so be honest! I’ve also been trying to eat more healthily too recently, although I’ve not been that good at it, to be honest. I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps too so taking some time for me has worked I think!

Sam has been getting into his gaming a lot and is doing some sort of gaming podcast with his gamer buddies. He’s also started the journey to his new career but I’m not meant to be saying much about that for now!

Athena has been loving dressing up recently, every morning she’s a new princess or character before 8am, it’s a bit exhausting to watch but it keeps her happy!

Arlo has been loving playing with balls, kicking throwing and rolling but definitely not sharing! Sharing is not high up on this kids agenda whatsoever! He’s also been loving foot-stamping, he’s definitely got a bit of a temper on him!


me and mine scrapbook blog

5 thoughts on “Me & Mine – June 2017

  1. These are lovely pictures – I love how you can all fit in front of Sam! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely month too. #MeandMine

  2. These pictures are so lovely! It seems like those sunshine-y June days are just a distant memory now, it’s been so miserable here!! xx p.s I love your babies names!

  3. You and your little family are so cute (your husband clearly doesn’t fall in the little category though) he’s so lovely and tall! 😉 Sounds like you had a lovely June too, hope you’re feeling a little better too xx

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