Me & Mine – June 2016

Basically June can be summed up with two words: Chicken Pox. Athena took it like a champ, loved staying inside being able to watch more TV than normal and having epic naps that were often around four hours! Arlo on the other hand caught it right at the end of the period that it was going to appear in if he had caught it, and he was miserable and clingy and hardly slept at all overnight, though he did go back up to two daytime naps but they were on me or no at all so there was no escape! He also has his first molars peeking through his gums so he’s had a crap time of it!


Athena turned three this month (here’s a post about her Frozen Party) and seems to have grown a few inches too. Arlo is now properly walking as of the start of the month too which makes life a bit easier but i’m sure in time it will make life harder as they both shoot off in opposite directions at the park or beach. Sam took Athena up to Norfolk to stay with family to go to a surprise party and spend time with them, Arlo and I stayed behind as he was all poxy but I think they had a great time! Oh we also had Sams
mum stay with us for a weekend at the start of the month, and his dad for a weekend in the middle too!


We had a lovely Fathers day in between the pox quarantines, we went to a local outdoor history museum (and signed up to become members!) where we went on steam trains, open top vintage busses and more! The one photo we got of all four of us was taken by one of the lovely old guys who looks after the trains but he’s clearly not too brilliant with heads as he chopped Sams off, but it’s the only non ‘selfie’ photo we have of all four of us so here you go:


And here is a sunday morning sofa selfie!
13570210_10154367117077754_1615214871_o IMG_8432

7 thoughts on “Me & Mine – June 2016

  1. What a shame that the guy chopped Sam’s head off… At least it’s still in tact though! Sorry to hear Arlo and Athena have both had the dreaded pox! Better to get it over and done with, but not nice all the same. x

  2. Oh this is a lovely little collection of photos of you as a family (chopped off head and all!) Although I’m sorry to hear that chicken pox has ruined your month somewhat; my kids are yet to have it and I’m dreading it because with three children to get through it I’m going to have to write off weeks. Glad everyone is on the mend now though. x

  3. Aw no sorry to hear the chicken pox brought you down but glad to see you got some lovely photos in the midst of ti! We had 3rd birthday celebrations too in June, I suddenlyl have a threenager 😉 xo

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