Me and Mine – May 2016



May has been a bit of a disjointed month for us for some reason although I can’t put my finger on why, it feels like it has flown by too! We had a really nice weekend Glamping and then a trip to London the weekend before last but both Bank Holiday weekends were nothing to write home about as one or both of us was working through them, and then I got horrific food poisoning this past sunday and spent the day in bed or in the bathroom!

I have been utterly obsessed with The Good Wife on netflix, I have been racing through it and have not even thought about reading let along opened a book this month! I think I am going to fall far below my target of reading 50 books this year! Damn that netflix! I’ve also resurrected by yearly battle with gradual tanners, i’m using the Palmers one (mmm, chocolate) but it still streaks every application! I have made a conscious effort to cut back on blogging a bit too, I think I was just getting really run down and needed something to give! I’ve also started wearing Sam’s fitbit overnight so now I know exactly how much sleep I (don’t) get, which is a bit alarming!

Sam has been busy with work (no change there) but did manage to find some time when we were in London to get himself some new snowboard boots moulded to his giant feet! Apparently that’s his highlight! He also found a dead body at work (not a workplace where you would expect to find one) which obviously wasn’t a highlight but I think he’s dealt with it amazingly! He’s also obsessed with a series on Netflix, Once upon a Time… not really my cup of tea so we’re obsessing over our programs separately!

Athena started off the month in nappies and is now dry both day and night, potty training was a breeze! She’s about to turn three and this last month has just been a delight to be around, which of course she is normally but even more so, Lots of unprompted kisses and cuddles, for both us and her brother and she is always talking and asking questions, such an amazing age.

Arlo just turned 14 months, is taking more steps but still prefers crawling as his main mode of transport. He’s still not sleeping brilliantly and his eating is up and down, but he’s starting to use more words and do some really lovely things! When I was ill last weekend and feeding him in bed he kept grabbing my cold flannel from the headboard and putting on on my head as he’d seen me put it there earlier on! too cute, even if he did then leap all over my poor tired achey self.


One day I’ll manage to get us all out of the house with a tripod and my remote and take a great picture, but for now we’re making do with this one that one of the lovely Chessington girls took for us when we were there glamping a couple of weeks ago!


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  1. Well done on the potty training, we too have cracked it here and it was surprisingly easy! As for The Good Wife, I will now add this to my ‘next boxset to watch’ list.

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