Interviewing Athena: 3 years old

As Athena is three on Monday I asked her some questions last night, and every year just before her birthday I’ll do the same, to see how much she changes over the years! So here are her answers, word for word!
What’s your name? Nina Bennett [She’s never called herself Athena!]
How old are you? 8
When is your birthday? 2 weeks
What present do you want for your birthday? It’s NOT my birthday
How old is mummy? 8
How old is daddy? 8 too
What’s your favorite colour? Umm I like blue mummy
What’s your favorite food? Butter
Who’s your bestfriend? Nell my best friend
What’s your favorite tv show? Umm. Charlie and lola
What’s your favorite movie? I don’t know mummy
What’s your favorite song? LET IT GO (sings a rendition)
What’s your favorite animal? Monkey
What are you scared of? A dinosaur that eats heads
What makes you happy? Music
What is something I always say to you? I don’t know mummy!
Who do you love? Nanna.
What have you learnt recently? Seeds grow grow grow. Make a hole put a seed in it and water it. Then it grows
What makes mummy sad? Being pushed
What makes mummy happy? NO! [Think she might have had enough by this point!]
How do I make you laugh? When you’re silly
What was I like when I was a little girl? You ARE a girl!
What does Daddy like doing? Snowboard and I don’t know
What do I do when you’re not around? You’re not around?
What do I do for a job? At the hotel, work.
What do you enjoy doing with mummy and daddy? Playing games and Octonauts


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