Me & Mine – October 2016

October is one of my favourite moths, still not cold enough for proper coats but the air often has that wintry smell. not to mention it’s acceptable to start downing hot chocolates like they’re going out of fashion! Here’s what October was like for us:


  • I went into a period of mourning as I finished watching the Gilmore Girls (cannot WAIT for the 4 specials coming up) but will probably have a lot more free time now!
  • I got two new social media/outreach clients (both really good baby brands so I’m looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in to them in November properly)
  • I worked a lot at my other job as all the managers were either sick or on holiday so they needed a lot of extra cover, which means that both Sam and I spent a lot of time on our own with the kids as we work at the same place but not at the same time!
  • Started wearing hightops, although have still been in my trusty birkenstocks too. I just HATE wearing socks.
  • Had a four day stretch of just me and the kids as Sam went snowboarding. We went out and about every day so I didn’t lose my sanity (thanks Chelle for having us over for a day!)
  • Had fun decorating halloween cookies with the sprogs
  • I finally painted my new bureau and then one of the kids crayoned on it!


  • Also worked a lot
  • Got too excited over having ‘Hive’ installed and buying over priced light bulbs. Basically we can operate the lights (tone, brightness, dimming etc) from our phones, as well as the heating, which is actually useful as before it was just on or off!
  • Also got excited over an update on his PS4 game, I’ve no idea what it’s called and he’s away snowboarding so I can’t ask him but it involves tactical shooting sort of stuff and he often shouts into his headset thing at fellow players in America
  • Managed to tidy the whole house in about an hour with two kids at home with him. This is a feat I cannot duplicate so I’ve told him he has to do it more often as I am clearly incompetent!


  • Is still loving preschool, and doesn’t understand why she can’t go every day!
  • Has been a bit tearful and emotional, especially during the last week which was half term. I think its just a three and a half thing but it is pretty draining when even the smallest request creates a river of tears!
  • Went to two parties, one of which was a ‘drop your kid off and pick them up later’ sort of thing, how grown up!
  • Is getting quite the imagination, which is wonderful for role playing games
  • Still chats to her imaginary friends (Leo Lion and his family)


  • Is settling in far better at the child minders, he’s going to be going two sessions a week from next week too
  • Is getting better at scooting! we’ve been out and about a lot with the scooters and he’s now ‘scooting’ (slowly) more than just pushing it around!
  • Is getting better at going to sleep without being fed to sleep, there have been a few magical 30 minute bedtimes (although a few 2 hour ones too just to keep it interesting!
  • Has a new habit of crapping in the bath, any tips for getting him not to?! (insert poop and see no evil emoticon here!)
  • Is talking a lot more, he was trying to sing happy birthday yesterday! It does make communication a lot easier though
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8 thoughts on “Me & Mine – October 2016

  1. Gorgeous photos…you guys always pull of natural so well, they never look staged. Its also mad how alike Athena and Arlo are.

    I’m just about to finish the last season of Gilmore Girls (for the umpteenth time) and I’m gutted that I’ll have about a 2 week wait for the new series. x

  2. OMG I hate wearing socks too. I don’t mind them if I’ve got my slipper boots on too (no-one likes stinky shoes/slippers) but I can’t walk around in just socks. If I don’t have my slippers, I take off socks and wear flip flops in the house. ‘Hive’ sounds amazing and my husband is well jealous of your high-tech home! x

  3. I feel the same way about Autumn so much to love and so much before winter sets in to do and celebrate. Gorgeous family captures. #meandmineproject

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