5 easy ways to make your money go further

It’s not easy to live within your means, especially when your means don’t stretch very far! Here are five ways to help your pennies go further…

5 ways to improve your finances

Eat In

You can find amazing tried and tested recipes online these days, there are bloggers who specifically blog about frugal food ideas and others who publish meal plans that are costed! Healthy meals don’t have to cost the earth, and if you do go out to eat always check voucher websites and local press for money off discounts to see if you can save a little.

Have a Home Cinema Night

Yep, going to the cinema is fun and it means you can watch a whole film without the distraction of your mobile phone… but you’re paying for the privilege! Then add pop corn, a drink, car parking and the time it takes to get to the cinema and you’re spent half your weeks food budget or more! Have a home film night, invite friends round, make your own pop corn, switch your phones off and draw the curtains and pretend you’re at the cinema!


Many brands, products and stores offer vouchers, discounts and sales to keep them competitive and entice you to spend money with them, so make the most of it and look around before you buy anything!  You can save more money on your food bill and lots of online shops run discount offers too so always check for discounts!

Buy In Bulk

When you buy in large quantities, you can save a fair bit. We buy loo roll, laundry detergent and grocery essentials like tins of beans/tomatoes/pasta etc from the cash and carry. This means we always have a supply of essentials to make basic meals from too. If you don’t have a cash and carry near you then Amazon often sell in bulk with free delivery, this is especially useful for things like nappies and wipes that can be pricey and bulky to buy and get home yourself.

Pay Off Debt

If you’ve got a lot of little debts outstanding on credit and/or store cards then a Cash Lady loan could be a way to pay them all off at once, and reduce your payments and your money-admin down to just one monthly repayment.

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