What Mums really want for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is just around the corner, Sunday 11th March if you’re in the UK, I asked a few of my friends who are mums what kind of thing they’d like as a gift and got some varied responses, so I did a bit of research and compiled something to fit the most popular suggestions, which consisted of many ‘really nice skin care and makeup that I don’t treat myself to‘ and a few ‘something that would really surprise me‘s!

First up is an almost magical balm from Swissforce, that helps to improve thread/spider veins, any redness in skin redness as well as nourishing dry skin plus increases skin resistance to reddening and flushing. This is ideal for me, and probably many other mums who found that going through two pregnancies in quick succession changed my skin tone and how it behaves. I now have permanently red areas around my nose and this will start to improve how it looks.

I think the Naturaline Swiss Cosmetics range would be a lovely gift for anyone, mum or not actually! The whole range is Vegan, not tested on animals and has the ECOCERT Natural Cosmetics Quality Label. The facial wash is so refreshing and leaves my face feeling really clean and the peppermint body lotion is perfect after a hot bath, leaving a subtle fragrance. The Eye Makeup remover (with aloe vera) manages to take off mascara easily and without leaving a greasy, oily residue. There is also a day cream but I am ploughing through my current one before starting this one, but it has Edelweiss extract, one of the best natural anti-ageing ingredients which helps to restore the underlying structures that help skin look plumper and firmer.

Pyjamas are something I very rarely buy, mooching around the house in mismatched sets that are all donkeys years old (some from pre-kids in fact!) but there really is nothing nicer than getting into a fresh pair of Pyjamas, especially if you’re having a PJ Day. There are lots of gifts for Her on the TJ Hughes site, including these rose printed beauties which are so comfortable I could live in them easily (well, I have been for the last couple of days!) and also the funky star shaped infinity light mirror in a lot of these pictures!


So a few mums I asked gave the old ‘Oh, I don’t really need anything’ and ‘my house is full of stuff as it is’ answers, so for the people who have everything, or don’t want anything then I think an experience day would be ideal, plus if you play your cards right you could get to experience it with her! There are so many different track day cars you could drive, including this beauty of a Lamborghini! With tracks dotted around the country it’s a really accessible day out, or maybe Hot Air Ballooning would be a more peaceful experience if your mum isn’t a petrol-head! But for me it would have to be zipping around Snetterton in a Lamborghini or a driving a Ferrari around the Goodwood racecourse up the road from me at top speed, how amazing would that be?!

A little pampering is always welcome, and the therapearl eye mask from Feelgood Contacts would be perfect, as it can be used warm or chilled, as part of a pampering evening, or just at the end of a long, frazzled day! I suffer from Blepharitis and the few gel eye masks I have tried in the past have nothing on this one. it’s packed full of beads which means when you wear it they automatically rest over your eyelids without you having to press against them like I’ve found with other masks. A couple of hours in the freezer or 15 seconds on the microwave and it retains temperature for ages! It has an adjustable strap for a close fit, and could also be used as a hot or cold compress on other parts of the body. Feelgood Contacts also do a contact lens subscription service, which would actually make a really good present for my mum as her optician makes her go in to order and pay for her lenses and then come back and collect them in person!

Again, not a gift idea that would leap to the front of your mind but one that is so incredibly useful I think any mum would be pleased to get one, the gift of phone battery-juice! Hurrah! No more running out in the middle of a day out and not being able to pacify your kid with youtube on the long train ride home (been there, done that) This Varta My Powerbank is small and light and would charge most mobiles fully twice before it needing to be recharged itself, plus you can charge two devices at once. Best of all though it can be decorated! it comes with a pen and stencils but you could be as creative as you like with sharpies and really personalise it before you gave it as a gift! I’ve not decided how to decorate mine yet, as it needs to be perfect so I need to plan it to a T!

I very rarely spend much on myself, but when I do get given the option for a treat then a ‘posh’ mascara is always a bonus, and if you shop around you can normally find a gift set that comes with some extras for the same price or just over the cost of the normal mascara. I’ve been asking for Lancome Hypnose mascara for years whenever someone asks what I’d like, and this gift set was from TJ Hughes, including a mini concealer and eye make up remover, both in sizes perfect for travelling with, and a nice added extra when being given as a gift.

wax lyrical candles

Something that I love but very rarely treat myself to as an amazing smelling candle. The Fired Earth range from Wax Lyrical. This tinned candle is the ‘Emperor’s Read Tea’, has a burn time of around 25 hours and makes my home smell absolutely delectable. The scent is not too floral, which I love and more woody; citrus tones with rose pepper and of course red tea.  The tin itself looks striking with the vintage key printed all over, and it can be used to store anything you like afterwards, and I’m hoping it will retain some of the amazing scent even once all the wax is gone! There are so many other stunning sounding scents, and candles of all shapes and sizes, as well as reed diffusers, room scents and gift sets.

“Really nice chocolates or wine” was another option that came up with some mums that I asked, and for me (and my husband!) you cannot beat Guylian ‘the worlds favourite Belgian chocolates’ and the praline seashells are such a classic, and impossible to just have one of! There is a new selection box available though too for the more adventurous; 10 delectable flavours, collected in a beautiful gift box including flavours like Coffee-Cardamom, Ginger-Lime or Caramel with Costa Rican pineapple. You can find Guylian at all good confectioners and most large supermarkets too. Perfect for an evening with your feet up on the sofa relaxing!

Of course, it’s not always possible for everyone to spend the special day with their mum – maybe you’re a mum yourself and your kids (or husband) have planned something special, maybe you’ve moved away from your hometown, or perhaps you simply have work commitments. There are still ways to make sure your mum knows how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day. Sending a beautifully wrapped gift in the post could be just the answer. Take a look at My Parcel Delivery, where you can find the fastest and cheapest courier services available so that your gift reaches Mum before or even on the big day itself. No matter how hectic your life is, with services from UPS and Parcelforce, you can either leave your parcel at a designated drop-off point or you can have your chosen courier come to you. Make sure you take the time to package your gift correctly so that it arrives safe and sound and ensure the item that you’re sending isn’t on the restricted and prohibited item list to avoid disappoint come Sunday morning. With so many delivery options available, there’s no reason to let distance keep you from giving your mum a special gift on Mother’s day.

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  1. These are such great ideas, for me you really can’t beat chocolates (I love those seashells but haven’t had them in ages, so I am totally going to be dropping hints about them now!) and a good book.

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