For Mothers Day I’d Like…

I feel similarly about Mothers/Fathers Day as I do Valentines day… a commercialised day to remind people to say thank you or I love you to people; but really you should be able to do that any day of the year, and should! Sam and I are not particularly gushy people and we don’t buy each other gifts at Birthdays or Christmas either but this year Mothers Day not only falls on the day Sam gets back from a weeks snowboarding holiday but we lose an hour because the clocks change! I think it’s fairly likely that Sam will just return home from his trip with a bar of airport-purchased toblerone for me (which will be hell to have in the house as I’m on slimming world so can’t binge!) but I’ve put together a little selection of things that I’d actually quite like to receive!

In a bid to drink more water along with my new exercise regime something sparkly to drink it from would be lovely, like this Glitter Water Bottle, and for hot drinks the ‘I am very busy’ travel mug gets the message across quite well I think! Something else practical is the bin of dreams – a rose gold kitchen bin! I know I know, rose gold even in the kitchen? But it’s so pretty! Super pricey though!

Mum’s deserve comfort right? I’d also love a new set of feather pillows, the two I have we bought when Athena was a few weeks old so they’re a bit flat and lifeless now and I have dreams of lounging in bed on a Sunday morning with a tray of breakfast and a magazine whilst propped up against a pile of fluffy pillows! A pipe dream if ever there was… with some funky slippers to pop on when I do decide I should really get up, just in time for lunch! The 125 Weekends in Europe book looks like it’s full of wanderlust and I’d love to start ticking some off! Last on the list is a Scooter! I’ve been thinking a lot about getting one so I can keep up with my little tribe, both kids are whizzes on theirs and Sam has a longboard so when we go for seafront strolls I’m the only one strolling as they’re all miles ahead!

Something else I’d quite like is an eternity ring, although I’m never sure exactly when they should be given I think that a marriage, two kids and a mortgage is enough to have earned one, right? There are some gorgeous styles on, though possibly a little out of Sam’s price range, for now anyway!

Pia jewellery
Pia jewellery

Thankfully someone wanted to give me a Mothers Day gift, the lovely people at Pia Jewellery asked if they could send me something; I say no to most things that I get offered these days, unless it’s something I really need or really, really love. This gorgeous set definitely falls into the latter category and satisfies my rose gold obsession. I’ve always thought Quartz is a pretty stone, I used to have a quartz pendant in my teens and lost it and have mourned it ever since! This set is just perfect, chunky, multi-faceted stones in delicate rose gold setting. The ring goes so well with the other rings I wear at all times; my wedding ring which has a rose gold band in the centre and the russian wedding ring I wear on the other hand also has a rose gold band on too. The drop earrings and pendant have the same size stones with the irregular shape that gives them the unusual look. Pia sell their jewellery online and in their own stores.

So a huge thank you to Pia for sending me something special, and if Sam gets me something too it’ll be a bonus!

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