There are two reasons I want to get fit. The first is because it will help me get the body shape I’d like, and the second is that I know I am unhealthy and never want to be hindered by my health in doing anything with the kids in the future. At the moment I am a size 12/14 depending on the shop (why oh why can’t every shop just make clothes the same size across the board?) and although I don’t have a problem with the size of clothes I am buying I do have a problem with how I look beneath the clothes. I have a post baby belly and my youngest is almost two. My arms and bum don’t stop wobbling for a few seconds after I have moved them, and I have not one but two rolls when viewed from behind. So as there are no more babies on the horizon for me to use an an excuse I want to do something about it.

I have two days a week without the kids (from 9-2 anyway) and have decided to go for a run on one of those days, and at another time if I can when Sam is at home. Annoyingly he works a few nights a week but it’s lighter in the evenings now anyway, plus if he’s home I can drive to the seafront and run along there! Hopefully I can start to build up to more than two runs (also, who am I kidding? Jogging is more like it) a week as the weather gets better and our schedules permit it!

I am contemplating getting a scooter too, a non motorised one, you know like the kids use! I think when Athena starts school it’ll be a godsend as I will be able to keep up with her and take Arlo on his too to be dropped off on the way, then I can zoom home in super quick time and get on with my working day (or go for a run!) I’ve bought myself some gear as my old yoga pants were beyond saving and am going to start my new regime. I found these fun floral leggings details in Primarks (surprisingly good) fitness section! They did have a vest that matched but i’m not quite ready for arm-revealing workout gear yet so I’ll carry on wearing baggy T shirts so my belly and arms can jiggle in peace. I also picked up a sports bra too. My old trainers were about 6 years old and bizarrely didn’t fit anymore (pregnancy makes your feet bigger for ever apparently!) so they’ve been upgraded to Nike Juvenate trainers, which are super comfy and have the bonus of being able to be pulled on without undoing the laces as they’re stretchy!


I’m also thinking about a fitbit or something along those lines, the lovely lilac one is on offer via Love the Sales at the moment too! The other thing I should probably get is one of those arm bands to stick your phone in and some earphones that won’t fall out when I run, Sam uses these and says they do the job but I’ve got oddly small ear-holes so who knows!
So wish me luck, and please suggest some good music to run to!
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2 thoughts on “Mission: Get Fit

  1. I feel like I could have written this post! My youngest turned 2 in October and I’m also a size 12/14. I’ve been trying to lose weight on and off for a year now if not longer but it’s a struggle when trying to deal with mental health as well. I just wrote a post about ways to workout at home as well if you’re interested. I have a Fitbit Charge as well which I love. I try to swim once a week as well which I find is good for the body and the mind and doesn’t take too long either.

    Emmie xo

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