Golden Boobs & MumMe breastfeeding dresses

I recently got my ‘Golden Boobs’ award, otherwise known as a year of breast feeding! It has been a fairly intense journey as Arlo has never taken to drinking from a bottle, and only from a beaker in the last month or two (if someone else holds it!) He’s also really only started to enjoy proper food in the last few weeks so until then I was his main source of sustenance! It’s been draining, physically and emotionally at times and his constant recurrence of oral thrush which he then passes to my boobs have meant a fair few painful feeds over the last few months. I also had a horrible milk blister (Read about that here if you dare or read more breastfeeding related posts) but we made it to a year and there are no signs of stopping, or even slowing down really! Athena stopped feeding at 15 months and was only on one or two feeds a day by a year I think. Anyway, to help celebrate my ‘golden boobs’ the lovely people at MumMe UK sent me some gorgeous breastfeeding clothes and a couple of things for Arlo too! 

Mum Me UK was started by Maeve when she really struggled to find stylish but affordable nursing wear when she was breastfeeding, so she and her sister in law decided to do something about it! Mum Me stocks a variety of styles to suit from pregnancy into breastfeeding, along with some super cute baby clothes, and things like travel tot-seats and bibs. They also stock Hot Milk bras, my favourite nursing bra brand!

First up is a really comfortable sweatshirt dress, that could be used during pregnancy too due to clever darts in the design, but it doesn’t billow around me now that I’m not pregnant (though I still have a bit of a belly!) Access for feeding is gained through a horizontal zip with two zippers that work independently so you can have one side open or both at a time, and it gives really clear access as there is no slit, its just a big opening so perfect for those early weeks and months when you’re getting established and need to see baby’s latch properly! I love the delicate lace detailing and you can’t tell it’s a breastfeeding top at all as the zip is completely hidden!

This top is double layered, with the black cropped panel lifting up to reveal a hidden feeding panel opening with slits either side. The black part is open at the back which means it’s cool to wear and the white chiffon layer is floaty and flattering too! Looking at these photos I think I really should steer away from black a bit more! This top is available in a few different colours but I figure black goes with everything, and I paired it with some floral jeans so there was some colour about!

Arlo was also sent the sweetest vest with a smiling rain cloud on it! It’s got plastic poppers too, which I prefer to metal ones as they don’t burn me when I get things out of the tumble drier (first world problems, eh?) It’s a lovely generous size and fits round his cloth nappies easily! Along with this vest Arlo was sent a very handy little teether strap (also works on a dummy or a beaker with handles too!) which has kept his teether close by, perfect for in the car when I can popper it to his seat belt to stop things being flung on the floor, or round the straps on my carrier too!


Mum Me have kindly offered up another vest with the same print, in a size 9-12 months, just enter below for your chance to win!

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A Huge thanks to Mum Me for their lovely present to help us celebrate a year of breastfeeding!

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  1. It’s great to see new fashion retailers popping up which specialise in breastfeeding fashion. There really isn’t enough on the market. I’m at 9 months breastfeeding with my little boy and he doesn’t show any sign of wanting to stop so hopefully I will get my golden boobs award!

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