Must-Have Transitional Pieces For Your Autumn Wardrobe

Knowing what to wear in autumn can be tricky, because it is such a transitional season. You might have put away your summer dresses, but then you could get a sunny and warm day, with a cool and windy day the next. September and October and be pretty temperamental in terms of weather, so you need to be ready for anything! 

With a transitional wardrobe for this time of year, you can layer up looks if required, such as wearing tights, ankle boots, and a polo neck jumper with a summer dress. So what are your must-haves for an awesome autumnal wardrobe? There are some timeless pieces that are common at this time of year, from a trench jacket to a leather biker jacket to ankle boots, but there are a lot of things that you can play with. Here are some autumnal staples for your wardrobe.

Floral maxi or midi dress

Floral works well as you can still get sunny days, albeit a little cooler. But a midi dress or a maxi dress works so well during this transitional season. You can wear it with tights and boots, or with flats, making it versatile, and can layer up with cardigans when warmer or a wool coat when cooler. Add in a polo neck and you’ve got a very funky 70s-inspired autumnal look. 

Leather skirt

Getting an A-line leather (or faux leather) skirt is a great choice you can make at this time of year. It can work well for casual dressing as well as for work, and can be worn with both trainers and boots alike. 

Chunky ankle boots

Last autumn and winter chunky ankle boots were very much in season, and that is set to carry on this year too. Chunky ankle boots can look good with every outfit, from skirts and dresses to jeans. Not only do they look good, but like mens Timberland boots, they are super practical too. Puddles, mud, rain, and leaves on the ground? The chunky sole of them will keep your feet from getting wet and muddy. 

Trench coat

One of the top choices for a coat during this season is a trench coat. It is a style of coat that works well eternally, looking good all the time. It can be dressed up with dresses and boots, but can be styled well with a hoodie, joggers, and chunky trainers too, making it a must for the ultimate in school-run-mum-chic. 

Knitted cardigan

When you choose your cardigan for this time of year, you can be spoilt for choice. The good news is that anything goes really, whether it is longline, oversized, cropped, or belted. Look for a colour cardigan that will suit the majority of the clothes in your wardrobe, and then you’ll be able to get the most wear out of it. Cardigans can be better than jumpers because you don’t have to do them up if it is a little warmer, and can be worn with both t-shirts and cami tops. Layer with a scarf if you need a little extra warmth. 


The shacket is a relatively new piece of clothing for your wardrobe, but it holds a place at this time of year. Although not as thick and warm as a coat, it is an extra layer to add when the weather is in the middle of the season and isn’t quite at full winter temperatures yet. As shacket, as the name suggests is a shirt and jacket combo, so it is a good look when looking for something more casual, but that can still be layered and keep you quite warm. 

Grey Hoodie

If you haven’t worn a hoodie for a while, then it is all to change this winter season. Hoodies are sticking with us after multiple lockdowns, keeping that work-from-chic for some more time to come. Why not be comfortable and still look good? Wearing jeans and trainers, you can be comfy and casual, as well as wearing a trench coat, under a biker jacket, and even with an oversized denim jacket too. For fireworks in the park or hunting for pumpkins, you can look good and be comfortable, warm, and cosy too.


What are you most looking for when it comes to this time of year? Any particular piece of clothing that you love to bring out each autumn? Style-wise, it is such a great time of year, as layering can be comfy and look good too. It would be great to hear what you think. 

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay. Collaborative post. 

One thought on “Must-Have Transitional Pieces For Your Autumn Wardrobe

  1. Certainly! Here are some must-have transitional pieces for your autumn wardrobe:

    Lightweight Sweaters: As the weather cools down, lightweight sweaters are perfect for layering. Look for styles made from breathable fabrics like cotton or knit blends that can be worn alone on warmer days or layered under jackets and coats as the temperature drops.

    Denim Jacket: A classic denim jacket is a versatile piece that can transition seamlessly from summer to autumn. It adds a casual yet stylish touch to any outfit and provides just the right amount of warmth for those cooler autumn days.

    Ankle Boots: Ankle boots are essential for autumn as they offer both style and practicality. Opt for neutral-colored boots that can be paired with a variety of outfits, from jeans and leggings to dresses and skirts.

    Trench Coat: A trench coat is a timeless outerwear staple that is perfect for transitioning between seasons. Choose a lightweight trench in a neutral hue like beige or camel that can be thrown over any outfit for a polished and sophisticated look.

    Scarves: Scarves are not only stylish accessories but also practical for keeping warm during autumn. Invest in a few versatile scarves in different colors and patterns to add a pop of color and texture to your outfits while providing extra warmth when needed.

    Long-Sleeve Dresses: Long-sleeve dresses are ideal for autumn as they offer coverage and warmth without sacrificing style. Look for dresses in autumnal colors and prints that can be paired with tights and boots for a chic and cozy look.

    Layering Basics: Stock up on layering basics like lightweight tees, tanks, and camisoles in neutral colors that can be worn under sweaters, jackets, and dresses for added warmth and versatility.

    By incorporating these transitional pieces into your autumn wardrobe, you’ll be ready to tackle the changing weather in style.

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