My 1st Years Christmas Gifts

Last month the little people and I caught a train to London for the My 1st Years Christmas showcase. Held at Maggie & Rose in Kensington it saw a whole pile of family bloggers get together to peruse all sorts of personalised festive treats for children.


My 1st Years has been a favourite of mine ever since I was introduced to them not long after Athena arrived, and I’ve since bought gifts for new babies from them and also for a friends daughters christening gift. The website is packed full of gorgeous gift items, to suit every taste and every budget, and can then be personalised free of charge. You also get a really nice gift box with each item to save you the hassle of trying to wrap something awkward up, and you can order things straight to the recipients door too!

Here’s a few snaps of the day, keep an eye out for the personalised Christmas jumpers, what a sweet idea!

my 1st years

my 1st years my1styr2 my 1st years my 1st yearsIMG_5365 IMG_5368

Once we’d had a chat with the team, seen the magical personalising machine at work and scoffed more than a few sweet treats we were sent on our way with our own gorgeous personalised gifts! For Arlo a festive baby grow and the cutest little reindeer boots with his name on! I can’t wait to get him in them on Christmas day! Also the presentation box they were in will become Arlo’s memory box, they’re the perfect size and really sturdy!

my first years

For Athena the perfect toddler sized backpack, again with her own name embroidered on it! She’s starting preschool on Tuesday so I might just let her have this before Christmas so she can hang up a brand new bag on her brand new peg at school! my first years

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