My year & share yours linkup! 2013

Here’s my recap of the last year, with a couple of favourite posts and photos from each month, and a space for you to add your recap posts at the end, I love this kind of post because it’s a great way to learn more about people whose blogs that I’ve only recently started to read, and because i’m generally quite nosey! You can read 2012 and 2011 recap posts if you really have nothing else to do!

In January I was pretty ill with the flu which was naff being pregnant, but I went to Prague (-15 degrees and snow!) for my birthday and did a couple of posts about my wedding ceremony  and my wedding reception. February was a slow blog month as I went on a little trip to Norfolk, but I did post a 50 random facts tag too, which was fun to put together! In March I went to a Zoo and did a little foody post.
April was spent getting uncomfortably fat pregnant and on a holiday with friends to Cornwall, and the first sunny day, perfect for a stroll on Brighton Beach. I also blogged about what I wore to my wedding. In May I wrote about starting maternity leave and preparing for a baby and posted about my holiday to Cornwall. In June I went on a date on my due-date and then had a baby! I also wrote about my elective C section on my other blog.
July was another slow blog month as I was far too busy snuggling my brand new baby! I did manage a Flapjack recipe and a What’s in my handbag post though! I also moved house in July and went to visit Sam’s family. August was a gloriously hot one and I Ate dinner on a crane 100ft up the air, and although it looks a little different now, I shared Athena’s Nursery. In September I started a personal project: anti slummy mummy, and shared What I wore to a wedding & Thoughts on motherhood.
October was a quiet one, we were away cat sitting at the end of it, and I shared my thoughts on Parenting in public, as well as taking the baby to London for the first time to meet 2 lovely girls for the first time after a long internet friendship! Also, obviously I dressed the baby up for halloween! November was when we started weaning, which is so much fun! We also had Athena Christened at the Church where we got married, on our first wedding anniversary! I’m amazed that I managed to blog every day in November too! December saw me contemplating my parenting style, am I an attachment parent? I also took Athena to Winter Wonderland, her 2nd London trip with some more lovely bloggers! I also made a little graphic of Athena turning 6 months old (literally the fastest 6 months of my life!) and then just before Christmas someone did a very Good Deed when I found myself in a pickle!

I’ll be back in the New Year (or maybe before if I can get my behind in gear, but Sam finally has 2 days off together from today so we can have spend some time together as a family properly, seeing as he worked all over Christmas till now!) with some resolutions!

14 thoughts on “My year & share yours linkup! 2013

  1. Having a baby certainly slows part of your life, and takes all you spare time. But it’s sure worth it. A great post was nice to read 🙂 xx

  2. Nothing more exciting than a year where a baby’s born! I found 2013 surreal as the first year I hadn’t had a baby since 2010! 2014 will be much the same though *sobs* x

  3. Well nobody will be able to beat your year! You have the most beautiful little girl 🙂 Also I loved that story about the lady paying for your shopping in Tesco… there are still good people out there!

  4. What a year! Its been so lovely to meet you this year, and to have a fellow compadre in the mad mother gang 🙂 I actually love how adventurous you’ve been this year, with the babe too! May 2014 bring you a whole ton of goodness, and maybe a few interesting adventures (the year for a career change?!)

    Chambray & Curls

  5. It was great to read through your year in full 🙂
    Took me forever to put mine together, will plan better next year 😉 x

  6. I wonder if you came anywhere near us in Cornwall with your bump and friends? What a beautiful baby now, you must be very proud.

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