#NationalBabyDay with BabyBorn


I’m grateful that I don’t seem to have anyone in my life who thinks it is strange for little boys to play with dolls, or kitchens, or to dress up as whatever they want. I am so thankful for this as I see people saying on-line in parenting groups or social media that their fathers or sometimes even partners don’t like their toddlers playing with toys that are ‘traditionally’ for girls. So do these people not want their boys to grow up into caring fathers? Fathers who cook dinner for their family, and change nappies for their children and, god forbid do a bit of hovering or ironing! It seems ridiculous to me that people would even think twice about this sort of thing!


Today is National Baby Day and to help celebrate it Zapf sent Arlo a Babyborn super soft doll with it’s own little seat. Now I will say it’s a shame that it is so horrifically pink, but that’s because pink is my least favourite colour, not because Arlo is playing with it! Thankfully you can get different clothes to change the doll looks. Athena has a couple of her own dolls that have been given to her in the past, but this is our first doll from the Babyborn range. It has a soft body but a realistic head, and comes with a dummy, hat and sleepsuit that can be taken on and off easily (although this is too tricky for Arlo to manage just yet at 12 months old but perfect for Athena!)


It also comes with a ‘comfort seat’ which is like a car seat, so it can be carried with baby in it, or the handle can be used as a stand so baby has somewhere to sit when she’s not being played with! ¬†Arlo loves to touch the baby’s face and to pull her dummy out. Athena prefers to have me attach the baby to her back with a scarf so she looks like me when I carry Arlo in a carrier, it’s so sweet!

So what’s your opinion on boys playing with babies? I think let kids be kids and don’t stifle their play at all!

We were sent a Babyborn doll for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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