Stuff on a Sunday 55

I’ve been a bit crap at keeping up with my Sunday life updates but in all honesty there’s not been a great deal of excitement or even anything of note! I’m drowning under a never ending cycle of washing clothes, small people and sorting and trying to tidy the house. We moved somewhere bigger so that we’d feel less claustrophobic and cluttered but actually the stuff is just spread over a wider area now and still pisses me off! Operation de clutter starts now!

Sadly this weekend our plans for some nice family time out of the house and a bit more DIY in the house were scuppered as I picked up two shifts at work (Saturday night and Monday morning) and Sam had to work Sunday too when he wasn’t meant to. Such is the life of 2 people that work in the same hotel and are too nice to let their teams down when something happens! (What a humble brag, sorry!)

Arlo’s sleep has been worse than ever recently so I’ve not managed to do as much blogging as I’d like, I’m just about up to date with my commitments but I’ve got lists of posts in my head that I never have time to write. Some days I’m so tired that I get into bed with him at 7pm and fall asleep wasting the whole evening, and if I don’t fall asleep with him I have to go and feed him back to sleep 2 or three times before midnight and calling it a night anyway! I think I’m actually reaching some sort of zombie like state due to lack of solid sleep. I’ve always been getting a lot of headaches recently so have been reducing my normal tea intake (previously at fairly high levels) to zilch after lunch. Twinings sent me some of their new green and mint teas which have been helping to fill the tea shaped holes in my afternoons a bit! I’m loving the mint one, plus it’s good for digestion too!

I have however managed to have two evenings away from doing Arlo’s bedtime, which is not only amazing for my sanity but meant I had to have an awesome meal out (at Wahaca) and now know that he’ll fall asleep for someone other than me when he doest have a choice! He has however taken his first few wobbly steps over the last few days which is just super exciting!

Wishing you all a wonderful bank holiday monday, bet it rains!

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