We’re soon going to be a two car family! Hurrah, I hear you shout – you’ll be able to spend time out and about in the summer, be in two places at once with the kids (as in one with each parent) and so on… however that second car is going to be a dual-control driving car, not so swanky! Plus I will have to be very careful with my parking if I ever drive it, or I’ll be affecting Sam’s reputation as an instructor!

Although we can’t afford a new car at the moment, well, one that’s not an instructor car, we both have quite different ideas about our ‘ideal car if money was no option’.

I would go for aย Jaguar F Pace, I’ve always loved Jags, and found out a few years ago that my parents had one when I was born, which was stolen from our front drive as my dad was at the hospital visiting his wife and new daughter in his work car! Apparently the thieves arrived on a low-loader, and when our neighbours challenged them they said they were picking it up for servicing, and it was never to be seen again! Anyway, I digress… ever since I was small I’ve loved spotting the Jaguars on the front of them, even though these days you rarely see the 3D leaping one, but more than new circular badge – but it’s just as smart I think!

The F Pace or Jaguar F Pace Sportย  are right up my street though, and not just for how they look, although that is a big draw! I love the state of the art tech inside to give you everything you need at your fingertips; and infotainment system that connects automatically with your smartphone giving you the ability to utilise your favourite apps, straight from your driver seat, plus security and navigation systems as standard. A turbocharged diesel engine with relatively low emissions is also a plus! Things like Lane Assist and All Surface progress control and power assisted steering mean that this would be incredibly intuitive and easy to drive.

Leather sports seats with electric recline, even in the rear plus ambient lighting in the interior make it a comfortable ride whoever you’ve got with you and the panoramic roof is something we loved when we test drove a car with one earlier this year. Plus of course Jaguars just exude style, there’s no comparison!

Sam on the other hand wants an old Land Rover Discovery…

Which do you prefer?

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