Me and Mine in June 18

Just the one photo to share for this month as although I thought the month was shooting by I didn’t actually get my bum in gear to take a photo until a couple of days ago! We spent one afternoon after school last week at the park and had a picnic tea with friends, and my friend’s daughter took this one for us! Complete with the little old man playing bowls on his own in the background!
This month Sam has been full speed ahead with his driving instructor training and should be able to start his franchise next month, but I think the thing he has been most excited about is the sailing he’s been doing! He’s signed us up for family membership and we spent Fathers Day at the club watching people blow about in boats. He’s bought wetsuits and life jackets for the kids too, as well as a huge watch that tells him all sorts of helpful information about the sea/wind/direction etc. Safe to say this is his next obsession!
I’ve been reading loads, working loads and planning my little trip to The Hague next month, as well as attempting to carry on de-cluttering the house. I had a few nice days out, a morning Brighton seafront catch up with Polly, a day at the local community centre summer fĂȘte with Sophie and a day in London with Lyndsay. You can read more about what I loved this month here. I have another bout of tonsillitis just now, which is a glorious thing to be suffering with in this gorgeous weather but hey ho, the more I get it the more chance I have of getting the buggers taken out!
Athena is definitely getting noticeably more tired as we count down to the summer holidays, if only she would sleep longer in the mornings she might look slightly less exhausted! Both kids have been waking up around 6am recently, which means they’re exhausted by 6pm and want to go to bed, then the cycle continues! I’m hoping in the summer holidays I can get a few naps in them, a slightly later bedtime and then maybe a lie in or two will occur! We took one of her friends with us on a day out last Sunday to the local Life Boat open day, and she was so excited to have someone to chat too, and the girls played so nicely with Arlo too! Oh, and she turned five on the 6th of June!
Arlo has become a little singing enthusiast this month, sings himself to sleep, sings his sentences quite often and loves mimicking songs off the radio too! His current favourite is ‘Song 2’ by Blur! Most excitingly (for me anyway) is that because we had to cancel our plans today due to me feeling too sick to take the kids we spent the day at home and started potty training, hurrah! A completely successful day with all widdles in the potty – though I think it only happened as he was bare from the waist down all day – tomorrow I’ll add pants and see what happens – please pray for my new sofas!
Hope everyone else had an ace June – the count down to the summer holidays is ON!

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