New home shopping list

With a house move on the horizon for us I’m definitely have a lot of thoughts whizzing round my head at any given time.  There are so many things that we’ll need to get sorted once we move to make our new house work for us.  Some of the main  purchases I want to plan  are…


With a bigger house and an extra bedroom we’ll need to plan quite carefully so that we can utilise the space in the most  efficient way, but this time I don’t want to do everything from Ikea. As it’s a Victorian property it would be lovely to get hold of some period pieces to compliment the fire places, tall ceilings and other original details.

We would probably donate our wardrobe to Athena, and then  look to find a larger one so that we can store all our clothes in it and not have a need for  too many chests of drawers. I’m a big fan of the capsule wardrobe method (you can read more about why  in this post) so having one place to see everything from jeans to tops and even underwear is really appealing. I find if you have too many clothes hidden away in drawers that you can really easily forget what you have and never wear it!


Wall hangings, unusual artwork and soft furnishings are definitely pretty high up my list. On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting platforms where companies are  selling products online.    Some of them, like   Incobis marketplace buy and sell    work like a social network,  in that you can connect with, help and seek advice from people with the same shopping and selling interests as yourself, which is a great option for both sellers and buyers.

With wooden floors we’d be looking to add some colour, warmth and style with rugs rather than fitted carpets, downstairs at least anyway!  A nice bright and colourful runner would be  perfect for the downstairs and upstairs hallways.


We would love a good speaker system to ensure we make the most of the acoustics  the living room,  and connect that to the television and a smart speaker  using smart technology  so that we can manage the  system from our phones, isn’t modern technology wonderful!  We also would love a fridge-freezer with a larger freezer capacity, so that we can make the most of bulk cooking and preparing food in advance to freeze later.


Although  not strictly  necessary as a ‘new house’ purchase some new loungewear and slippers would be a lovely treat, something to really get comfy in as I spend time working on the house to make everything  feeling homely, warm and welcoming.  You can never have too many soft jumpers and fluffy slippers can you?

So, that’s  my list of ‘wants’ once we’ve moved,  but definitely not all at once!



Photo by James McCreddie on Unsplash

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