New ways to pursue your creativity in 2021

When you think of creativity, what springs to mind? Painting like Picasso? Writing a great novel series? Perhaps picking up an instrument or problem-solving? The truth is, everyone has their own idea of what creativity is. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not something that always has to be shared with the masses. It can also be a very personal and intimate expression of your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and even your fears.

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The pursuit of creativity is something we should all engage with a little more. Spending time enjoying creative pastimes provides an outlet for your emotions – it can help decrease those feelings of anxiety, frustration, boost your mental health and help you achieve a feeling of accomplishment and self-worth.

We’re all spending more time indoors, so it makes sense to step away from our digital devices (hard though it is!) and embrace something that stimulates our mind and engages our creative thinking. Depending on your chosen outlet, you may need to stock up on creative supplies. Pens, paper, stationery, even computing supplies and printer inks – you’ll find a great range of ink cartridges Canon here, just click the link. Having plenty of supplies means you’ll have everything you need to successfully pursue your chosen outlet and you won’t find yourself distracted by something else.

The next thing you’ll need is an idea. If writing the next Harry Potter series or composing your own symphony seems a little out of reach right now, don’t worry. Here we’ll explore some new and exciting ways you can pursue your creativity in 2021.

Become a local photographer

You don’t have to travel halfway across the world and back again to photograph some truly magical moments. A simple stroll around your home town, camera in hand, will help you re-discover the beauty of your local area. From capturing a busy high street to a quiet moment in your local park, there’s so much to discover and explore. Taking photos on your phone will suffice but if you want to go further, consider investing in some editing software so you can play around with pre-sets, colours and effects.

Cook something new

Fancy working on those creative cooking skills? Try challenging yourself to try a new recipe, work on your knife skills and add your own flair to a new dish. Dust off those old cookbooks or head online and see what you can find.

Work on a new creative skill

Have you always wanted to learn an instrument? Have a go at digital art? Or get to grips with the basics of drawing? Head over to YouTube and check out a tutorial for beginners, as there’s never been a better time to learn a new skill. 

And finally, start a journal

Your thoughts, feelings, ideas and creative dreams – it’s not always easy to keep track of them. But starting a journal  or a dream board will help you focus your creativity and channel it into the right areas. Even if you just doodle, sketch and write short poems, when it comes to pursuing your creativity, there are no rules! 


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