Bottle green jeans: Primark. Collar detail blouse: Primark. Boots: Newlook. Cardi: H&M.

My face looks really odd in the right hand photo. Also I am pretty pissed off that this cardi has started to bobble on the sleeves after about 2 3 weeks, H&M normally has better quality than that, and I am especially piddled off because I only bought it to replace a similar one that was from Primark about 3 years ago and was still in perfect nick, but I must’ve left it somewhere! Anyway, this is what I wore for a carol service pre Christmas and dinner out with a friend after. The blouse is in one of my favourite colours, deep plum and was a bargainous £3 in the sale! Sam told me I looked thinner when he was taking these photos, but that was before Christmas, and then our second Christmas… I might not actually fit in these jeans now! I love the blouse because it’s loose fitting but not too boring. Plus the plum colour goes with most things I could wear on the bottom.

Weirdly I am pretty happy in jeans now, which is off for someone that stopped wearing them in their early 20s in favour of dresses and skirts. Being a mum has changed me!

Are you a jeans kinda person? Or did you start wearing them post baby like me?

Apologies for the shortness of this post, but I am currently up to my ears in horrible decisions about out future but had this half written form ages ago! I will however be back at the weekend with something wayyyy more exciting and more importantly, interactive! yay!

6 thoughts on “Outfit: Green Jeans

  1. I have these jeans 🙂 I avoid wearing trousers of any kind as much as possible these days because I’m not prepared to consider the next size up though! Dresses FTW! 😉

  2. You look very svelte in these photos, second Christmas be damned! I’m all about jeans at the weekend; I live in dresses and tights for work so it’s nice to be able to potter about without having to worry about flashing people if a breeze picks up. xxx

  3. I am a bit like you – I was a skirts/dresses only person for years until some friends persuaded me to buy a pair of trousers last year. It felt odd wearing them for ages. I still haven’t ventured into jeans wearing though…..

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