Outfit: Kicking leaves

Who doesn’t like charging through a large pile of dry leaves? Do you ever get too old? I hope not. Last week we did a nice long 5 mile walk around Hove, up to seven dials via St Anns Wells gardens and then into town, around it and back to Hove (I only know it’s 5 miles because I google-mapped it!) and we had a few errands to run so I wanted something comfy, so out came the ‘soft and cosy’ primark tights, the ones with the fleecy lining! I always stop up on these at the end of winter ready for the next one as they always run out!
20131030_132426 20131030_132407
Chiffon tiered skirt: H&M. Trainers: Primark converse knock offs. Jumper: Primark
20131030_132335 20131030_132331
Parka: Dorothy Perkins
I am in love with this aubergine coloured Parka, I ordered it on a 20% off weekend, although originally bought it in a 16 as I wasn’t sure what size I might need and their online size checker thing told me I would need a size 16 dress when I put my measurements in. However a 16 SWAMPED me so I swapped it for a 12, and it’s still plenty roomy even with a chunky jumper underneath. It has huge big pockets so I can shove my phone, keys, purse and a teething toy when I head out with just the baby in her carrier. The hood is fleecy lined and has a cosy furry edging too. I like the leatherette details on the tags and pockets too. Hopefully it’ll last a couple of winters, I just wish it was waterproof!
Have you found your winter coat yet?

3 thoughts on “Outfit: Kicking leaves

  1. That parka looks so cosy. I really need a warm and practical coat and I’m seriously missing those primark fleecy tights. I usually live in them but even the larger size wasn’t comfortable over my bump. X

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