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A month ago I went to the wedding of one of my close friends in a gorgeous country hotel in the Cotswolds. It was stressful because I wasn’t sure how Athena would be, as it was the day after her first jabs (she was an angel and I needn’t have worried) and I didn’t know what to wear that I a) felt comfortable in and b) could breastfeed in easily. I’d spotted this dress on the Miss Selfridge website a while ago but wanted to try it on so never bought it online. Next time I was passing the store in Brighton I went to go in only to find that they had shut for a refurb! I went back online to buy it and it was only available in a size 4 or something daft, and I would’ve needed to sew 2 (or 3!)together to fit me! I harrumphed and moaned about it and tried to find something else, then less than a week before the wedding I tried the website again and there it was!  It arrived 2 days later and I felt comfortable in it, plus I had a cardi to match already. Now all we needed was nice weather on the day… and that worked out perfectly too!

SDC14197 SDC14201

Dress: Miss Selfridge Petite. Sandals: New Look. Cardi: H&M (both old season) The dress is now £17 instead of the £33 I paid, ce la vie! It has a kind of psychedelic/tie die effect and I love it. Shame I probably wont wear it before next summer now!Although with any luck I’ll be a size or two smaller by then so perhaps it wont fit!

Athena wore a lovely lilac party dress and pink cardi, and I would like to point out that in no way did I coordinate our outfits! (I totally did)The dress was given to us by a lovely friend, but it was so slippery I changed her our of it for the evening reception so we could have a dance around on the dance floor without dropping her!


SDC14200 SDC14246 SDC14227

I pinned my hair up in rolls and tucked it all up at the back with a feather fascinator, I didn’t want it down as it was so warm I knew it would get annoying! I took the cardi off when we went in for the wedding breakfast (which was at dinner, which always makes me wonder why it’s called a breakfast… I should look it up really) and there are a few pictures of me later on looking a lot bigger than I do here, so the cardi clearly has a slimming effect!


It was a very tiring day for all involved, clearly!

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  1. You look lovely and I love how your outfits are co-ordinaried. It’s one of my best friends weddings in London a couple of months after we will have had our baby girl and I’ve already been trying to think if the logistics of it like finding a breast feeding suitable dress that’s quite slimming and surviving a 4 hr train journey! I’m making thinking ahead a little too much! X

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