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I keep expecting my hair to fall out, which may seem like a bit of an odd statement, but post-baby many women lose the hair that didn’t fall out during pregnancy. Plus I had my hair highlighted a couple of weeks before I had Athena, and since I’ve had her I’ve not really look after it very well, nor have I gone back to the salon for the trim that I promised my hair dresser I would! A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to try out the Full Repair range from John Frieda which is perfect for damaged hair. I was sent the Full Body Shampoo and the Hydrate+Rescue Conditioner and have used them for about two weeks now, although I only use the conditioner every other wash. They both contain Inca Inchi Oil rich in omega-3 which is meant to nourish each strand. I’m always a little of products that promise to moisturise there can be a tendency for them to weigh down my fine hair, and make it feel greasier quicker. The first time I used these I had that feeling a little, but continued and actually my hair feels less heavy than it did, and I’ve managed to get up to three days between shampoos without feeling like it looks like it needs a wash.

The Full Body Shampoo is ideal for height and colour damaged hair, and helps to detangle strands reducing the risk of breaking or snagging when combing. It does make my hair feel less knotted when I comb it out (I used a tangle teaser though, which always helps) and on the times when I’ve used it without conditioner after it’s still been a breeze to comb through. I often go to bed with damp hair too, and comb in the morning (blame the baby) and even dry its fine to comb through, unlike

The Hydrate+Rescue conditioner is rich and creamy and a little goes a long way. I comb it through the lower half of my hair when wet, then rinse it out with a final cold rinse. I can’t place the fragrance, but its definitely pleasant and lingers a little when you waft your hair around! On washes followed by a condition I find my hair looks noticeably shinier the next morning too, always a bonus!

20130910_165511 20130910_165558

This is one day after a wash… still shiny and light feeling!

Both products come in 250ml tubes, and I think I’ve probably used around a third of the shampoo and around a quarter of the conditioner, which on my long hair is good going, so a little really does go a long way. Have a look at the John Frieda youtube channel for some styling inspiration too, there’s lots of styles to choose from!

3 thoughts on “Review: John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. This sounds like just what Im looking for. I like you have recently had a baby (I’m not sure I can class 8 months ago as recent?!) but some of my hair still falls out. I also had mine highlighted just before having my little man..How strange!?

    It’s in such bad condition now though that i think I need to try something new.

    Thanks for the review

    oOo Becky oOo

    oOo BKY Bubble oOo Bubbles Of Babbles About Bits And Bobs

  2. Your hair is looking amazing! Serious hair envy 🙂 I love John Frieda and the hot pink packaging is a plus for me too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Great review! Your hair looks lovely. I use timotei shampoo and conditioner as no silica or parabens and I swear my hair has never felt in such good nick! Maybe worth a try too xxx

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