Playing: Bigjigs safari animal blocks

Rather excitingly Athena is getting in on the blogging lark… so over to her for this post!

Yesterday afternoon mama shut my toy box, I was pretty miffed! What was I going to play with now? But then from behind her back she pulled a blue bag…

 IMG_5848 IMG_5847

It got dangled in front of me for a bit but I managed to grab hold of it and empty the contents onto the floor for a proper look…

IMG_5853 IMG_5854 IMG_5885

ANIMALS! I love animals, and I like things that make a noise when I bang them together. Guess what I did?

IMG_5967 IMG_5894

Yup, banged them together, loudly! My Mama kept trying to build a nice scene so she could explain how jungles work or something… but I’ve decided I’d quite like a career in the destruction industry so started practising on whatever she carefully made.


She did try and teach me the difference between a Hippo and a Giraffe, but to be honest with you I was too busy waiting for her to build something that I could demolish with one foul swoop of my arm! Also at 10 months old i’m no expert but I think she had the giraffes neck the wrong way round, they’ve got long necks not short ones, silly mama!


Oh and I tried to nibble on a couple expecting to be told to stop, but the paint on these is safe and none of them are so small that I could actually get them in my mouth (I did try!) As soon as I realised I was allowed to try and nibble on them I stopped, I’d rather play with them than eat them anyway!


Maybe in a few months I’ll let my mama try and teach me about safari animals again, for now I am happy bashing them together because I can tell the noise irritates mama AND daddy! Two birds with one stone (well, wooden brick) you see! When she’s put her camera away and I think she’s stopped looking at me I like to try and balance one on top of the other, but i’m not very good at that yet but practise makes perfect! I did notice that all the animals heads have a front and a back, and that a panda head on a lions body looks a bit funny!

When I got up after my nap I noticed she’d clearly been playing with my safari blocks without me, but I soon messed up her carefully created scene, mwahahah!


We were sent the Safari animal building blocks to review as part of the #PlayPatrol application with Bigjigs Toys. You can find Bigjigs on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with all their news!

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  1. I think I need to start saving for Christmas, I love wooden toys and thomas will be almost a year then, such fun things on the website! Also your baby is looking cuter than ever!

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