Real Nappy Week – the halfway point!


Totsbots easy fit // Bambino Mio Solo

Grovia Hybrid // Little Lamb one size

So we’re just over half way through real nappy week and I wanted to do a little update on our progress. We’ve used all the nappies at least twice now!

  • There is still a lot of terminology I don’t know, however when you actually have the nappies in front of you it’s pretty obvious how they work and i’m not sure what I was panicking about
  • The Nappy bin smells like a petting zoo when it is open (no scent when closed). I have mastered the art of lid off – nappy in – lid shut as fast as possible. The bin in also NOT Athena-proof.
  • Wearing a reusable nappy doesn’t affect how long Athena sleeps for over night, she managed 13.5 hours in a little lamb cotton nappy with a wrap over the top
  • I wish we had an outside so I could pop the nappies on the line to dry. Some take a long time to dry!
  • Velcro fasteners are better for getting a close fit, but poppers aren’t as easily undone by little hands
  • My washing machine does not know what’s hit it!
  • Athena seems to do more #2’s that she did before (it used to be one a day, now it’s more like 2 or 3!) but i’m not sure how I can associate this with cloth nappies, I think she’s doing it to spite me now I have to get the poop in the toilet!

Clare over at Little Pink Teacup has been posting lots of helpful blog posts over on her blog this week, so please go and read what she has to say as she knows her stuff!

Also I have a link to share with my readers so you will get 10% off all purchases on The Nappy Gurus until the end of the week just use THIS LINK to go to the site, and my lovely local guru Charlotte will get a small percentage too, and well deserved so she can keep spreading the word! And don’t forget there is a £50 voucher for the site up for grabs too, the rafflecopter is in my previous blog post for Real Nappy Week!

You can catch up with the progress of all the other ladies who are trialling real nappies on their blogs below:

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3 thoughts on “Real Nappy Week – the halfway point!

  1. If you haven’t already acquired one can I recommend a dishwasher safe cheapy plastic spatula – use it to scrape the poopy nappies before you pop them in the nappy bin and then the spatula can go in the wash with them all – also a drop or two of tea tree or lavender oil helps with the petting zoo issues!! Good luck!

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