Pregnancy: 24 weeks with baby 2

I feel like I’ve been ill for the last month non stop. First the abscess, then poor Athena was quite ill with a bug which I caught, then recovered from for a day and then re-caught (either from her or from Sam) Luckily baby seems to be fine and is wriggling around lots, and finally this week Sam’s manage to catch a few kicks too for the first time.

I’m still not sleeping brilliantly, although have had a few glorious nights of unbroken sleep when I didn’t wake with achy hips or for a desperate rush to the loo. I’m also getting more of the annoying leg and foot cramps that I had during my last pregnancy, mostly in bed at night or on the train on the way home work, randomly! A few unwelcome headaches too, as well as a bit of dizziness/faintness at times.

No stretchmark’s as yet but I’m sure that they’ll arrive by the end of the pregnancy as they did last time (they’ve all more or less gone but I expect they’ll take longer to fade this time!) Oh! Did anyone watch 17 kids and counting? The mum didn’t have a stretch mark on her belly, I was amazed! In fact she looked great for her age considering the amount if kids she has to look after!

I had a pretty pointless consultant meeting at the hospital last week where they basically said yes you’re still fine to have a 2nd C section, but we can’t book you in yet, so let’s make an appointment at 36 weeks to book the date. Not sure of the point of the appointment at all really,but they checked my blood pressure and protein levels which were fine. I have my 25 week midwife appointment a couple of days before Christmas so hope to hear a little heartbeat again then, and perhaps they start measuring then,I can’t remember when that happened last time?

Lastly I am finding that I am getting out of breath more easily and the trek up-hill to the train station after work is taking longer and longer! I’m so glad Athena is happy to climb stairs too as carrying her up and down them was taking its toll, especially when I have bags of shopping to lug too!

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