Stuff on a Sunday #10

This week has been a write off. I didn’t do a Stuff on a Sunday post last week because the Athena had been sick the day before, and still was on Sunday, joined by me on Sunday evening… and i’m still feeling awful now a week later. I’ve never had a sickness bug this long before, and it doesn’t help that we all probably keep passing it back to each other. I genuinely thought we were all better by Thursday, Athena went to Nursery and me to work but it was clearly a false alarm.


I’m meant to be having dinner and a festive catch up with some of my favourite Brighton based friends this afternoon but for fear of throwing up in public, or worse still passing it onto them I am not going to go, but if I fear I will go crazy if i’m stuck inside for a 3rd day on the trot so we may venture to the park when Athena wakes from her nap (and me from mine!)

Subsequently as a result of a naff week I have nothing exciting to share apart from a lot of moaning on twitter about how sick we all are. Tomorrow I’m going to call my midwife to see how  damaging not keeping any food down in a whole week is for the bump, and see if she’s got any tips other than plain toast and cereal, which is what I’m doing anyway! Bump seems to be wriggling around as normal though so fingers crossed all is well!

In case you missed it I have three competitions running at the moment, you could win a Jolly Journal, and a Fortnum & Mason hamper worth £250.

Here’s hoping you are all feeling a lot healthier than we are… I’m off to paint a cross on the front door ala the plague…

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