Second pregnancy – month four



More or less smooth sailing this month. Less needing to pee overnight but more maternity clothes needed, swings and roundabouts! I am attempting to drink more water in a bid to not have a constant dull headache, and I am also attempting to eat less biscuits… but that’s not going that well! The bump now starts just under where the band of my bra sits, no nice neat round bump for me just a general all over bumpiness.

I’m getting the odd backache twinge but I think that’s probably a combination of an awful mattress and slouching on the sofa with my laptop in the evenings rather than pregnancy!

I’m feeling a lot less nauseous now, but can still gag if I smell something particularly bad! I am able to cope with dirty nappies now though, so we’re back in cloth nappies full time on my days off now, hurrah! (I say we, clearly this doesn’t actually apply to me!) A couple of dizzy spells but I think it’s mainly if I’ve not eaten enough or got out of bed too quickly, so I just need to be a little more careful I think!

I had a midwife appointment at 15 weeks and she found the heartbeat immediately which was nice (‘that’s because you’re nice and slim’ she said, I’d hate to think she thinks of as not slim then!) but it was nice to hear it early on anyway! I must admit my experience of the local team here hasn’t been a great one so far, they didn’t turn up to my booking appointment and didn’t call to inform me or apologise, then eventually I had to go to the hospital for it but although I had filled in all my GP details correctly and clarified in person, she then entered me under a different doctors surgery. That meant that when I had my next MW appointment she didn’t have any of my information to hand so we spent time re-filling everything, with the MW moaning under her breath about how unorganised everybody else is etc etc.

However the waiting times at hospital appointments has been way less than before (I’m having baby 2 at a different hospital to Athena as we’ve moved) and I have been told that having a second C-section is fine and already met with a specialist midwife to talk through my options, and have an appointment in November to talk to the obstetrics team, so that’s a huge relief and I can hopefully enjoy this pregnancy a bit more than my first.

I am off to The Baby Show today to start to explore the world of tandem buggies, co sleepers and probably a lot more too, wish me luck!

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  1. Aww such an exciting time. So many people I know are pregnant again with baby no. 2, The middle part is the best isn’t it, I got all my energy back. Great you can talk about your options for the next birth, good luck! 🙂

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