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There are two things a home can never have enough of in my opinion. Blankets and Cushions, and chocolate biscuits if I had to add a third but you’d get a bit messy if you snuggled up on the sofa with those! We’ve just added two new cushions to our home thanks to Boingy Cushion, and I took great glee in flinging out a couple of older cushions that were as flat as pancakes to make room for them.  These two are a whole lot more colourful too!


Designed and made in the UK using high quality lycra material these cushions are definitely different from your average cushion, and they spring back into shape immediately… in fact they don’t even really flatten when you lean on them, which makes them perfect to pop behind your back for support when you’re eating dinner/using a laptop on the sofa, and will be perfect for when my bump gets so big that I need all the extra support I can get! I don’t know quite how the stuffing of the cushion is different from other cushions, but it’s definitely much sturdier and way more… ‘boingy’!


The covers are washable, durable and they withstand all the leaping and leaning on that Athena has put them through as they’re so stretchy. The zip is well concealed so there is no chance of it opening accidently and it doesn’t ruin the look of the cushion. As I mentioned the cushions are made in the UK (including the cushion inner!) which is definitely a factor that is important to me more so than ever. It seems such a shame to buy something made abroad when there are often much smaller UK businesses that need the support!

As is clear from the photos Athena loves them, the colours are bright, and after a wash haven’t faded, and the cover didn’t shrink which is a problem I’ve had before with cushion covers! It was hard to pick the designs, I contemplated matching them but much prefer the eclectic look! We chose a large Bertie Rainbow because the design reminded me of paint test strips that I used to love to collect from DIY stores when I was younger, only much more colourful! We then also chose a smaller cushion in the Dreamer Sparkle design, again completely colourful with the awesome addition of little holographic sparkles! There are so many more choices too, some more sedate (like the awesome black and white striped) and some much wackier, including animal prints! All prints come either plain or with the sparkly addition, and in two different sizes, Large is 55cm x 55cm and Small is 40x40cm, so not that small really!

We were asked to choose 2 cushions from the range in order to complete this review, however all our opinions are unbiased.

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