Preparing for baby 2: the to do list!

Much as it will be lovely to have ‘one of each’ (well, this is what people say when I find out we’re having a boy, anyway!) I am glad we found out the flavour of baby this time round to help us prepare a little better! I don’t dress Athena in all girly and pink clothes anyway, so quite a few of her old clothes can be used for baby boy too.

Last week I spent a lot of time sorting everything we had decided was ‘boy’ enough into piles of sizes and then cataloging it all so I know if we’re missing anything vital and can pick those bits up before he arrives. Some lovely friends have also passed on some bits and pieces too plus I’ve also been picking things up in the sales and in charity shops when I see nice things! For some reason I got it in my head that babies shouldn’t wear sleepsuits as clothes when Athena was small and she was always ‘dressed’ when we left the house! I’m not going to be so strict about it this time round, and lets face it getting three of us up, dressed and out of the house will be a challenge for a few weeks I reckon! Plus this baby already has a lot of nice sleepsuits in the first size and it’d be a shame if nobody saw them (excuses excuses…)

In terms of toys we never bought anything solely ‘for girls’ as a) I don’t like pink and a lot of it is pink and b) children should be able to play with anything in my eyes… so our walker is a lovely wooden work bench, the highchair is plain wood and the bumbo has a lovely owl cover on it (as it was a boot fair bargain in pink, ick) so are all ‘boy friendly’ already.

I really want to have everything sorted a good few weeks before my due date, so that all the clothes are clean washed and ready to go in case of an early arrival. I plan on starting to sort through a room at a time to de-clutter and fully clean too, as my nesting instinct has got as a far as writing ‘to do lists’ but not actually doing them! So here, is another list, of things left to do before baby arrives!

  • Work out how to move the furniture around in the nursery to fit two cots (see this post for the full dilemma)
  • Work out what double/tandem buggy to get
  • Investigate co sleeper cots
  • Clean and declutter the house
  • Pre wash all our lovely Tots Bots nappies ready for baby boy to wear them, and find a nice way to store them for easy access
  • Batch cook some easy to reheat meals for the first week or so
  • Buy Athena a doll (she doesn’t have any at all!) to help her get used to the idea of caring for a baby
  • Get the bouncer & playmat out of my mums garage and see if they can be reused (due to the damp in there I fear they may have had it, sadly!)
  • Pack a hospital bag
  • Decide on a name!
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7 thoughts on “Preparing for baby 2: the to do list!

  1. Exciting times ahead! My baby is going to be a year old in March & it seems like yesterday I was preparing similar (ish!) lists! Good luck x

  2. We’re preparing for baby 2 as well. Luckily for the wardrobe department we have another girl on the way, but we did always try to keep things neutral with our first just in case we had a boy. Good luck deciding on a name. We are still stuck on that too! #Thelist

  3. You sound so organised i was so un-organised second and third time around. I also dressed my oldest in outfits everyday but baby number three is mainly in sleepsuits as they are cute and so easy to put on. I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x #TheList

  4. Ooh! Congratulations on a baby boy 🙂 how exciting! This list looks so organised!! I don’t think I got my head around any of this until the last minute… those nappies look lovely and bonus that you’ve still got some clothes left from A 🙂

    Look forward to seeing more of your #2 journey and thank you for linking up to #TheLIst! hxxxx

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