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It’s cold and quite possibly raining outside. At this time of year you often have no choice but to stay cooped up inside and with little ones around that can be tough. So, here are a few crafty projects and ideas to keep everyone busy this weekend… and I’ve got another post coming up next week with even more rainy day ideas for toddlers!

Homemade scented play dough

By involving your kids in the making of this simple dough recipe, you’re doubling the fun! Just grab a saucepan and pile in 130g of flour, 240ml of water, 2tbp of vegetable oil, 100g of salt, 1tsp of cream of tartar and a couple of powdered drink sachets. Bring to the boil, simmer for a couple of minutes until a dough has formed, then leave to cool… you’re then left with a non toxic, brightly coloured and great smelling play dough!

DIY stamps

Make some fun stamps out of everyday objects you can find lying around the house – think corks, lolly sticks, bottle lids – and some blocks of wood. Let your kids stick the objects to the blocks, however they like and voila! You have some abstract, homemade stamps. Dip into paint or special stamping ink and you have an afternoon of arty fun ahead.

Coffee filter flowers

Get yourself some large white coffee filters and flatten them. Lay two on top of each other, fold them in half and in half again, then twice more. Now about a third of the way down, cut an arch shape from one side to the other. Unfold the filter and flatten it down again, before cutting along the folded lines about two thirds towards the centre. Now for the fun part – using an eyedropper, your child can drop liquid watercolour onto the petals. You’ll only need a couple of drops per petal and if you use multiple colours, watching them swirl and merge is lots of fun! After letting it dry, separate the two filters a little and attach the base to a pipe cleaner.

These make a vibrant and unique decoration for your home and most importantly, they’re lots of fun to create.

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