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Athena is starting at Nursery on the 8th July, with three settling in sessions this week. It’s a nice small nursery with a very homely feel. I’m not too worried about leaving her there as I know she adores other people, especially children (as long as they are okay with her poking their eyes and pulling at their hair) but I know it will be odd for until we’ve both got used to it.

I’ve also bought a new mei tai carrier so I don’t have to leave the pram at the nursery although there is a locked shed… but this way I get to have cuddles on the way to and from nursery with ease. I didn’t need a new carrier but this folds up smaller than my buckled carrier, and I wanted it anyway, just needed an excuse! You can’t really tell from the photos but it has a gorgeous purple flower print on one side and reverses to plain black too.

At the moment she’s a bit clingy with me, coinciding with her only ever raised temperature and being off her food all week. When the nurse warned me she might get some measley/mump symptoms 10/12 days after her jabs I didn’t think much of it, but then she got a few little spots and it only got worse from there! I think she’s finally on the mend though as on the train this week she crawled across a table  to sit on some poor lady’s lap opposite us! Luckily the lady was happy to play with her!

I’m not sure how being away from her for a whole day will affect me, I’ve done it a couple of times but she’s been with friends or family so it’s a bit different. I am hoping I will be busy enough at work to not think too much about her, and I know that if anything happens she is with professionals who know what they are doing, and that they’d call me of course. But until I leave her there and get on that train to work I won’t know for sure. Wish me luck!20140630_093735

I bought her a little backpack, from TK Maxx in the end after asking on twitter and getting oodles of suggestions! It was only £6.99 too, bonus! So, apart from a change of clothes, what the heck do I put in it? She doesn’t use a dummy or have a comforter really but i’m sure there is something glaringly obvious I’m missing!

Any tips to help things go as smoothly as possible? What on earth do I put in her bag?

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  1. We are possibly starting nursery in early August. My daughter just turned two and I’m not completely ready for the change. We have a settling in period on two days the week before. I guess I’ll see how that goes. I wonder back and forth if she’s starting too early….

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I think its such a big thing to go through but I’ve never heard of a situation where the child didnt love it after a couple of weeks of getting used to it! Im sure it’s harder for us than them! Some babies start as young as 6 months, anf at least at 2 you can explain it to them more easily!

  2. I really hope A settles in quickly and you don’t feel too sad/ anxious about leaving her! That backpack is so cute, but I have no idea what else you could put in it- I’m assuming the nursery provide food, toys and nappies? Xxx

  3. Exciting times! Love the look of your new carrier & A’s backpack, so sweet. As for what else to put in there – another couple of changes of clothes! Sunhat perhaps and suncream unless it’s provided? We just have clothes & suncream in T’s bag & sometimes a bottle of water if we think he might want it on the way in or home. Hope the first week goes well for both of you! X

  4. I would put some baby wipes in the bag…we’re always finding bits of stuck on food behind sprog’s ears or tucked away when he pick him up! We also have a little diary from nursery that he brings home to let us know what he’s been upto so that could go in there if you get anything similar. You’ll need about 2 or 3 sets of clothes if Athena is anything like sprog!

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