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If you’re  anything like me then you will snap photos on your phone or maybe even a  digital camera and  then rarely do anything else with them. They’ll sit gathering dust in the virtual basement of your hard drive, or maybe in the cloud if you’re really organised. But that’s actually a little sad when you think about it. All those  snippets of time captured and rarely looked at again, if ever!

If you are active on Facebook or Instagram then your photos will get some airtime but wouldn’t it be nice to have tangible copies that you can  look at, jog your memory with, display, send to friends and family! What if Instagram suddenly ceases to exist – all those  pictures just gone! I’d be pretty upset if that happened. photo prints  is a web based service  that lets you very easily connect your Instagram and Facebook account so that you can easily choose and upload the photos from your feed that you’d like to print. You can also upload images directly.  There are a lot of different options for printing and I chose to print  my favourite photos in  ‘small photo’ size which is the equivalent of a polaroid size print with the white gap beneath  – which I could have had some text printed at the same time. I   didn’t do this though as I wanted to indulge a trip down memory lane when they arrived and hand-write the  dates and locations of the photos myself!

I loved that each set came in a  little wallet with  a band to keep them neat, tidy and safe – a great way to store pictures  by year, person or event! photo prints

You can also easily arrange your own photo book, brilliant slimline, lay-flat , colourfully bound books full of photos of your choosing! I put one together with all our favourite photos from Summer 2019!

I also picked some circular fridge magnets, and ordered some for family as presents too – who doesn’t want to look at a picture of their grandkids every time they get the milk out of the fridge!

If you want to  commit some of your favourite photos to print then please do enter my giveaway to win  $50 of  credit to spend at on whatever you like!


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